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How to swim faster in ACNH with Animal Crossing Bells? | Guides & Tips - Acbellsbuy


Animal Crossing New Horizons has a vast ocean. It's not uncommon to bump into Pascal when you're diving in a Wet Suit.

Pascal is a man with red water, whose birthday is July 19 and belongs to the sign of Cancer. I heard that his name comes from the famous French philosopher, Blaise Pascal. Perhaps because of Pascal's perennial presence in the ocean, most of his philosophy is ocean-themed. Pascal wearing the Knit Hat is very social. His favorite deep-sea creatures are scallops. When you catch a scallop and give it to him, he will give you a corresponding gift in return.

animal crossing Pascal

The gift may be a Mermaid DIY Recipe, a piece of Mermaid-Themed Clothing, or a Pearl. A Piece of Mermaid-Themed Clothing includes a Mermaid Fishy Dress, Mermaid Princess Dress, Mermaid Shoes, or Mermaid Tiara. Costumes from Pascal are more dazzling than those from ABLE Sister. But keep in mind that Pascal will only show up once a day, and cherish the opportunity for a daily conversation.

Where to find ocean locations | What to do with Animal Crossing New Horizons marine life?

The ocean is a body of water at the southern end of town. Open the island map and you will find the ocean surrounding the island. In shallow water, players can fish, pick up drift bottles, collect shells and catch bugs. In deep water, players can dive to collect Deep Sea Creatures items. Such as Moon Jellyfish, Dungeness Crab, Vampire Squid, Slate Pencil Urchin, etc. Captured sea creatures can be donated to Blathers at the Museum. Blathers will only be charged once for the same species. Duplicate sea creatures, you can sell to TiMi at Nook's Cranny for a portion of ACNH Bells. Interesting marine creatures can also collect their own.

How do I expand the New Horizons ocean area and get a wetsuit?

The ocean area cannot be expanded. But you can change the view layout by unlocking the Terrain Modification skill. There are four ways to obtain wetsuits.

Horizontal-Striped Wet Suit

The first is which you can buy from the Nook's Cranny shelf for 3000 Bells. The Horizontal-Striped Wet Suit is a sleeveless one-piece striped swimsuit. The wetsuit sold at Nook's Cranny is the Horizontal-Striped Wet Suit. Available in yellow, red, blue, and black. Great for cute type villagers.

Nook Miles' Wetsuit - Nook Stop

The second way is to buy the NOOK Stop of the Resident Service Center where Elizabeth works. The Nook Inc. wet suit is a combination of blue and black and is not available in other colors. The Nook Inc. wet suit is long-sleeved trousers with a leaf logo on the chest. Great for diving. Need to pay 800 Nook Miles. Nook Miles is different from Nook Miles Tickets. The role of Nook Miles Tickets is to start mysterious travel.

Leaf Pattern Wetsuit - Nook Shopping

The third way is to go to Nook Shopping to buy Leaf-Pattern Wet Suit. The Leaf-Pattern Wet Suit is a long-sleeved jacket and shorts printed in the shape of a leaf. This also requires Buy Animal Crossing Bells before paying 3000 Bells. The Leaf-Print Wet Suit style wetsuit is also available in four colors, green, purple, yellow, and blue. Very suitable for players with a calm personality.

WET Suit sold by Acbellsbuy

The fourth way is to buy from ACNH Items of Acbellsbuy. ACbellsbuy is a legal and safe ACNH Shop. Animal Crossing Items for sale are as high as 9000+. You can get a Wet Suit for the least amount of money. In addition to the first time, there are Swimming Cap, Swimming Glasses and so on. For example, the Swimming Cap has 8 colors for players to choose from.

How to swim faster in the deep sea in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Before going to the sea, you can eat some pears or cherries to replenish your energy. You can tread water, but very slowly. If you want to speed up, you can press A to swim faster. As you swim around, you'll notice small bubbles floating on top. These are the creatures you can get! Press Y near the bubble and dive underwater, you'll get a piece of Deep-Sea Creature. You can only stay underwater for a limited time, so make sure you live close to the bubble to make sure you have enough time to catch it.