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How to redeem Bell Voucher for Animal Crossing Bells in ACNH?


Animal Crossing Bells serve as the primary currency in Animal Crossing New Horizons. When our players enter the island, all indoor or outdoor activities are inseparable from the help of bells. We need a lot of bells to do house upgrades, buy certain items, grow golden roses, etc. Simple choice. Choose to Buy Animal Crossing Bells, and you will be the tycoon of your island.

Bell Vouchers

There are many ways to get a bell. We can choose from Catch Tarantulas, Selling Fish, Selling Fossils and Selling Your Unwanted Items. But there will also be easier ways. For example, use Bell Voucher to exchange ACNH Bells directly.

Animal Crossing New Horizons currently has two types of bell vouchers. Regular Bell Voucher and Dream Bell Vouchers.

Redeem Bell Vouchers

1. Go to Nook Stop, Resident Services in the center of the island. Do this by pressing A in front of Nook Stop.

2. From the options that will appear, select Redeem Nook Miles.

3. Select Bell Voucher from the item list. Purchase a total of 500 miles.

4. Start by heading to the Nook's Cranny store run by Tom Nook. Talk to Timmy or Tommy to sell a bell voucher for 3,000 bells.

Bell Voucher and Dream Bell Vouchers

Redeem Dream Bell Vouchers

1. Go into your house and lie on the bed. A selection menu will appear. Choose to go to sleep.

2. When sleeping, Luna will appear. You will be asked what you want to do while you sleep. Select from the options provided I want to share a dream.

3. Luna will introduce you to some important details about dream sharing. Confirm that you want to share your dream, and you will be connected to the internet to upload your dream.

4. Log in the next day and open your mailbox to receive Luna's gift: Dream Bell voucher, 5,000 Bells at Nook's Cranny.

Talk to Luna Animal Crossing

in short. Bell Vouchers is a way to convert Nook Miles to Bells. Bell Vouchers are charged 500 miles at Nook Stop. If you have limited time, you cannot participate in the process of collecting the Bell Voucher. You can go to ACbellsbuy and become rich instantly. Choose Buy Bells Animal Crossing for the ultimate gaming experience.