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​How to quickly get various mushrooms in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


With the coming of November, Animal Crossing in the Northern Hemisphere: New Horizons players will officially enter the harvest season. Mushrooms will appear on the player's island in the game. Mushrooms can be used to make various DIY furniture, and players can use them to decorate the island houses and public places. Most handicrafts can be found in fairly predictable and consistent locations, but mushrooms work slightly differently. Players cannot decide when and where they grow on the island, nor can they control which species they will find.


Players can find five different mushrooms on their island in November: elegant mushrooms, flat mushrooms, rare mushrooms, round mushrooms and thin mushrooms. Most mushrooms can be found and picked on the ground, but rare mushrooms can only be found by digging with a shovel. In addition to using mushrooms in DIY recipes, players can also sell additional bell mushrooms. Although there is no way to grow mushrooms and ensure that they can grow on the island, players can find more places in certain places.

Most mushrooms grow around the hardwood and pine trees on the island. They usually do not appear around fruit trees. Every day in November, players will find up to five trees in any of their pine and broad-leaved trees, and no more than 30 trees will spawn at a time. In order to gain more growth, players will need to collect players that have been spawned.

Due to the way mushrooms spawn, players may need to consider moving any flowers or furniture near the bottom of their trees. Furniture and other items may prevent mushrooms from growing there, thereby restricting players from finding more places.

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Elegant mushrooms, flat mushrooms, round mushrooms and thin mushrooms can be found all around the trees. The last mushroom variety, rare mushrooms, is not as common as their name suggests, and can only be discovered by digging. They are generated less frequently and may not be generated every day, but there are some ways that players can increase their chances. First of all, having five-star islands will affect how often players find rare mushrooms. Second, if the player notices that they are digging fossils instead of mushrooms, they can play with the system a bit.

The player can only bury six fossils at a time, and once this ability is reached, nothing will be produced. Players can dig out and bury six types of fossils to prevent more fossils from spawning, thereby increasing their chances of taking out rare mushrooms. They just want to know where the six fossils are buried to make sure they don't accidentally dig them out again.

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