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How to play Animal Crossing New Horizons efficiently?


Players entering the game for the first time will spend hours (days) decorating their islands to perfection. But as time goes by, the time I spend on games every day gradually decreases. Five months after the initial release, life on the island slowed down.

After the first time building, terrain modification, and achievement collection work, the urge to play for a few hours at a time is reduced, replaced by daily check-in procedures. But still spend hours fishing, gardening or rearranging furniture. Now, check the latest information in the store and search for items generated daily. Many items including ACNH Nook Miles Tickets can be purchased on ACBellsBuy.com, which is very convenient.

Animal crossing pirate ship

With the help of time travel, New Horizons can play a role, even if there is no time travel, the game will inspire a mentality of the completionism-the museum requires players to capture every kind of wildlife that appears every month. However, it takes time to complete the construction of the museum, and the distribution of time varies with the seasons, so travel is important. Fortunately, there is no penalty for waiting-if you miss a seasonal event or creature, they will reappear next year, and a break will not trigger any serious consequences.

In previous iterations, Animal Crossing will punish the player by letting the villagers leave if the player gets the game into trouble. The mechanism by which weeds flood towns remains the same, but New Horizons keeps villagers until you allow them to move, which means that reducing the frequency of your login will not have serious consequences. Buy Animal Crossing Bells allows you to find that continuous development in the game.

New Horizons is an experience worth tasting rather than pursuing. Seasonal updates mean new features, such as swimming in the ocean, but their features provide players with more ways to explore, not just achievements.