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​How to plan your Animal Crossing island?


The Animal Crossing island was originally an unmanned desert island. After the player enters the desert island, you can use your design talent to change the island and make it more vibrant. But if you don't know how to design but want to try, you might as well take a look at the design tips we provide, maybe it will help you better plan the island.

Regarding the layout of the island, we first think of the geographical orientation of your island, the distribution of rivers, etc. and how to make regional planning. As soon as we entered the island, our most important tool is the workbench, which can help us make tools, so how do you place it?

Island layout

Making various tools requires players to collect a lot of resources. Will it be messy and unsightly when you put it next to the workbench? In my opinion, you only need to choose a suitable location on the island, set up a simple private studio, and place the collected material resources in a centralized manner. This is convenient, simple, and organized.

The same color can be used as an area

The color matching is also very particular. The same color matching will look more uniform, so when planning props, trees, and flowers on the island, you may wish to distinguish them by color. For example, you can open up an open space in a certain part of the island, and then put flowers, small ornaments, etc. of the same color in this area. Once there are enough, this area will form its style.

Modern design

The integration of realistic themes

Imagine the characteristics of a certain city you like, or a certain street you like, and how it tends to be planned, such as shops and museums. There are many scenes in life that can be integrated into the dynamic forest, such as fruit stalls. If they are connected in series, then this area can be turned into a street of snacks. At this time, you can diversify your thinking and see what is suitable for building on your island. At the same time, it can be matched with My Design to complete the design of some signs and so on.

Create iconic props

Every city will have very distinctive commercial or landmark buildings, and you can also integrate them into the island. The core area to choose is to create a place with iconic props, whether you are passing by yourself or being brought to the island to play. It can also successfully attract the attention of friends.

Nook's Cranny

When you play to the back, you will find that the freedom of island design will be very, very large. You can give full play to your design ideas and geographic location to make the greatest adjustment planning for your island. This is a very fulfilling thing. Of course, there are also many ACNH Island Designs on the Internet.

If you have an idea but don't know how to implement it, you may as well tell our designers and we will help you achieve it. If you have no ideas or energy but want to have a characteristic island, you may as well tell us the style you want. Designer, ACBellsBuy will create a unique island for you only.