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​How to pick up furniture in Animal Crossing


Players who have recently played the game Animal Crossing are asking, what does picking up furniture in the game mean? In Animal Crossing, many players will go to their friends' islands to pick up furniture, clothing, and so on. Some even pick up their sisters. What is the use of house picking in Animal Crossing?

What does Animal Crossing mean to pick up furniture?

The ATM Catalog has all the furniture and clothing you have ever owned. Picking up each other takes advantage of this, picking up the furniture of a friend and then throwing it down. When you go back, you can buy the furniture online at the ATM. No cost, it is a good way to collect furniture and open a catalog.

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1. Non-sale items (DIY items, special props, etc.) cannot be purchased, so they are useless.

2. Please pick up things from each other and don’t bring non-sale items. One is that it is useless if the other party picks them up. The other is that if you encounter a player with poor quality and take your things and not throw them back, you can buy them again from the ATM. Incoming, the loss is small, but not the selling.

3. Go to other people's islands to pick up furniture. Pay attention to the stability of the network.

To put it simply, after picking up the furniture you haven't seen in the bag, the players can see the furniture on the ATM on their own island and can buy it, and then return the furniture. This is picking up the furniture. In the same way, clothing can also be picked up, and then you can purchase it at the ATM.

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