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​How to make the most of Animal Crossing's Halloween event


Halloween fills the entire month of October, and Animal Crossing players can collect seasonal furniture, plant pumpkins, collect candies and create a spooky experience on their respective islands.


Collect weird decorations

There are many ways to obtain Halloween-themed items. For DIY recipes (handmade recipes for making furniture), please visit the villagers' houses and they may give you a recipe. You can also pop the balloon with a slingshot to open the gift box.

Your next stop will be your local Nook Cranny. Here, you can buy a limited time weird ACNH Items every day. If you don't want to wait, you can also go to the ACBellsBuy site to get it quickly. For example, weird lantern suits or gorgeous arches with twisted branches. Of course, ACBellsBuy will also provide ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets. During Halloween, there will be an 80% off discount for the audience.

Grab candy for Halloween night

Every day, you can buy candies from Nook's Cranny store, each price is 120 bells, although you can only buy them once a day. Fortunately, you can overcome this limitation by visiting a friend’s island and buying sweets there. It's best to stock up early so that you can get all the rewards after Halloween.

Before Halloween night, you can get candy for free by tricking or treating in the villagers' homes. You must put on costumes (these costumes can be purchased at Able Sisters throughout the month) and then enter their house to talk to them. If you run out of candies, don't worry: after a while, you can trick or treat again. Also, if you dress like Jack, you might scare the village to give you two candies. Jack is wearing a dark robe and a big pumpkin. (He will give you his costume in exchange for two candies.)

Halloween night starts at 5 pm, no matter which time zone you are in, it ends before midnight. It starts with the arrival of Jack, and Jack roams at the Resident Service in the center of your island. You will be able to exchange all kinds of candies for special items, such as weird wallpapers and carpets.

Plant a pumpkin patch

There would be no Halloween without pumpkins, right? In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can use this seasonal event to grow your pumpkins for display or more practical use.

Is Halloween without pumpkins still Halloween? You can buy 280 bells of pumpkin seeds from Nook’s Crany store, or you can buy them from a randomly-visited plant seller Leif for 140 bells. You can use this seasonal event to grow your own pumpkins for display or more practical use.

These seeds can be planted on your island. It takes four days for the first time and two days later. Once grown up, you can harvest pumpkins. They appear in random colors, including green, yellow, white, and orange). DIY recipes can only use orange pumpkins to make weird furniture. Make sure to water the pumpkin regularly for best results-the more you like the pumpkin, the more you will harvest at a time.

New reaction

In Animal Crossing, reactions (ie expressions) are one of the main ways to interact with friends, and there is a new batch of reactions just before Halloween. You must wait until October 31, but after that day, you can contact the villagers to get new distress and panic reactions.

Dress up

Every day of this month, Able Sisters will provide you with a rotation of zombie, vampire, wizard, and other costumes. You can buy more, so be sure to take advantage, especially when you decide the style you want to exercise on Halloween night Time.

At the Residential Service, you can use the ATM to redeem your Nook Miles (a currency in the game) to get a new skin tone and eye color perfect for the ghost season.