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​How to make bells fast in the early stage of the game chapter 2


In the last news, I've introduced three ways of making bells fast in the early stage of the game. If you are still unaware of this, you can look through them in the “How to make bells fast in the early stage of the game”, and there are another three ways to make bells.

Ways to make bells in the early game

By shooting balloons

There are a lot of balloons with gifts floating in the air on the island every day. It can probably drop bells if we hit them with a slingshot, and can obtain golden slingshot quickly.

It's worth mentioned that timing should be attended when hitting them. If hitting while they are floating above a river, the gift will fall directly into the water and cannot be picked up.


By selling fruit

Except for selling fruit to shop to make bells, Selling fruit that are not local specialties to different island can make more bells. So you can interact with your friends and sell fruits to their islands to earn bells. If the local fruit is sold for 100 bells in shop, the non-local specialty fruit are more expensive than 100 bells, and different fruits is sold at different price.

Apart from, if you want to obtain new fruit tree, you can ask your friend for fruit seed, or plant the fruit directly. Get them from mysterious island where there are coconut trees, peach trees, apple trees, and pear trees and so on.

By Knocking on the stone

There are several minerals on the island. By knocking one of them eight times in a row, you can get about 20,000 bells. As we know, there is recoil in every time's hitting that cause one less hit. Therefore, how can you perfectly hit the mineral and keep it in place?

You just dig two halls at a 45° angle centered on the mineral. Then jump out of two halls and keep pressing “A” button without arrow keys, bells out successfully. Because when you jump in, the direction of the character has been adjusted to a 45° angle.

When we take a flight to mysterious island, the middle circle of some islands are full of stones, these are Gold Island.

Combine the content of the last news, we've introduced six ways of making bells in the early game. Hope these can help you! If you want to speed the current process of the game, you can also buy Animal Crossing Bells online.

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