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How to make a lot of bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons


In Animal Crossing New Horizons, whether you are expanding your house or renovating you, in short, no matter what you want to do, you need to use Animal Crossing Bells, so what can you do to keep your pockets in your pocket? How about Animal Crossing Bells?

You must do the most basic tasks in accordance with the rules of the game at the beginning. Imagine what you need to do in real life if you need to survive in an unfamiliar environment? First, you must have a place to live, and second, you must have production tools to receive tasks and labor to create value.


Accumulate Animal Crossing Bells through daily activities. Daily tasks are inseparable from your daily activities. You will definitely enjoy such tasks. So what exactly should be done to earn more Bells?

Fishing and replenishment are the most basic activities, but you have to learn to check the prices of these items. Only high-priced ACNH Items are worth your time to talk about.

Fruits and vegetables must also be planted. According to the regulations, you have to go to the market and take you're received to the market in exchange for bells. This is your main way to make money, but it is not the most important way. Especially when you come across a kind of fruit that you have never seen before, don't just eat it, remember to transplant one and plant it on your island, because the fruit it produces is more expensive than the local one.

In addition, you must pay attention to the more difficult creatures to catch on the island. Once you catch them, it will be a lot of income in exchange for Animal Crossing Bells, but it may consume more time and is worth it.

Finally, a method that everyone is using now is to read more guides from ACBellsBuy and decide how to do the most trouble-free according to the needs of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells. The above methods will make you do more with less, come on!