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​How to invite Sanrio Hello Kitty villagers to move to your island


After the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.9.0 update, many players hope to use the Sanrio Amiibo card to invite Hello Kitty villagers to move to their islands. What do you know about the Sanrio-themed villagers?




There are a total of six Sanrio-themed villagers. They have different personalities. Use the following introduction to see if there are any villagers you like and invite them to your island.


Rilla: Peppy personality Gorilla villager, inspired by Hello Kitty

Marty: Lazy personality Bear villager, inspired by Pompompurin

Étoile: Normal personality Sheep villager, inspired by Little Twin Stars

Chai: Peppy personality Elephant villager, inspired by Cinnamoroll

Chelsea: Normal personality Deer villager, inspired by My Melody

Toby: Smug personality Rabbit villager, inspired by Kerokerokeroppi


To invite Hello Kitty villagers to move to your island, you first need to build a camp on the island and let them visit your camp many times.


Scan the Amiibo card under Invite Campers at the Nook Stop terminal in the service hall and let them visit your island. After that, go to the camp immediately and chat with them until they ask you to make items.


Amiibo card



Just like inviting other villagers in the camp to move to your island, you will need to successfully perform these tasks three times before you can choose to ask them to "move" to your island. Unfortunately, each island can only invite one camper per day.


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