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How to invite friends to visit on my island in Animal Crossing New Horizons


Since 2020, Animal Crossing New Horizons has attracted the attention of players from all over the world. Animal Crossing is a social stand-alone game. Players can play with their friends, so what should we do to invite them to our island As a guest? ACBellsBuy will give you a detailed introduction to the invitation in both cases.

Airplane flying

You and each other are friends

When you and the other party are friends, the game will automatically open the airport the next day, and both are switch members. At this time, you only need to prepare an NS member online, and then go to the airport to find the front desk to check-in. Go to the airport to open the airport for landing. When your friend clicks the open island at the airport, you can search for your friend's island through the Internet and you will be able to pass.

Steps to invite friends to visit

1. Use smartphone functions

2. Select "Call residents"

3. Press the L and R keys at the same time

4. The call is complete

Residents on the same island can play split-screen games, allowing two to four players to play at the same time.

1. Turn on the smartphone

To call residents, first open the smartphone app. The smartphone in the game is a convenient prop that can use functions such as taking pictures and maps.

2. Select "Call residents"

Select "Call residents" from various functions, and the icon displays a yellow flag and aqua blue background.

3. Choose the resident to call

After you choose the residents you want to play with, you will become the leader. Before you want to call a resident, you must have a resident in advance.

4. Press the L and R keys at the same time

After actually calling the residents, use the JOY-CON split-screen to play the game. As shown in the picture, press the LR button at the same time to start.

5. The call is over

After using JOY-CON separately, the residents can act separately, and the residents who call can help the game together.

You and the other party are not friends

You can use the invitation code to invite friends from the non-friend list to play on the island. But some behaviors are prohibited. Players who are going to be guests cannot use tools that change the environment of the host's island, such as axes and shovel. If you want to use these tools, you need to be close friends with your host.

On the same island, up to 4 people can play at the same time. If you want more than 2 people to play together, please continue to call the residents according to the above steps. Prepare furniture for new residents on your island (each family needs three indoor furniture and three outdoor furniture).

Inviting friends to be guests supports up to 8 people living on the same island (up to 4 people in party mode). Invited friends can store their items in the recycling bin, and get their items back when they leave.

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