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​How to get the Cat Tower in ACNH?


Animal Crossing 2.0 update added a professional camera function which is very popular among players. Especially the close-up convex photos were taken by the fisheye lens bring a new look and feel to the game.

Whether in the Happy Home DLC or when the villagers spontaneously visit the player, the first-person camera perfectly shows the interaction between the villager and the player, and the player can observe the villager's cat tower form.

The cat tower is the most desirable item in ACNH. It has seven different colors for players to choose from. What's more interesting is that it can be scaled to fit the game pet cat. Although it has no actual effect, you But I want to have a cute cat.

Cat Tower

How to get Cat Tower?

The cat tower can be played like a pet in reality, and most players want it. You can see it at Agnes's house. Players can also use 3000 Bells to purchase from Nook's Cranny.

In addition, in Happy Home Paradise, players also need to use the cat tower when designing a house for Punchy. Purchase this item from Wardell's catalog with 2,700 Poki. If you think it is very time-consuming to accumulate Animal Crossing Bells, you can also buy cat towers directly from acbellsbuy.com. This is the choice of most players, you should also try it.