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​How to get the bamboo series furniture in Animal Crossing?


Bamboo gives people the feeling of being close to nature and breathing fresh air, so many players also hope to get a set of bamboo furniture, so where can the Animal Crossing get the bamboo and how to collect the bamboo furniture set?

Animals crossing bamboo forest

Everyone knows that bamboo cannot be brought on the island, so players who want to obtain bamboo should pay attention to the following methods:

1. Get it from friends who have bamboo trees.

2. You can also go to the material island to dig by yourself.

3. Go to a reliable third-party store to buy. Of course, we recommend our ACBellsBuy site.

The price of bamboo is still relatively high, so players who want to plant trees and sell them can choose bamboo for planting. If the site is large enough and there are enough saplings to plant large tracts of bamboo, the harvest season should be very good.

Animal crossing bamboo house

The purchase price of bamboo in the store is 1500 Bells, which is quite high because many trees are only a few hundred. But it is expensive. The role of bamboo can be more. Bamboo can grow bamboo shoots. Everyone knows how effective bamboo shoots are. They are an indispensable and important material for bamboo series furniture. So in fact, it is recommended that you don't sell it casually.

The above is today's content. If you have more information about how to obtain the Animal Crossing Friends Club furniture set, please leave us a message.