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​How to get Redd on the island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


In Animal Crossing New Horizons, many players like the artwork here very much. Redd will bring fake and real famous paintings to your island. If you can pick out real paintings, you can donate them to the museum.

After upgrading the resident service, Redd will join your island. According to Ninji, you also need to donate at least 60 themes to Blathers' museum.

After meeting these two requirements, you can discuss artwork with Blathers. The next day, Isabelle will publish an appendix in the morning announcement to warn you against shady art dealers.

Isabelle will mention the reopening of the museum in the morning announcement a few days later. You can also discover Redd roaming on the day. Talk to Redd, and then head to the small beach in the north of the island, which you can reach through terrain modification or climbing ladders. You will find Redd's ship, the Treasure Trawler, which will store a variety of artworks with different legalities.


Where to find Redd in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

After the initial event, Redd will randomly return to your island. He did not set a date like other merchants, so you only need to wait or use time travel. When he returns, the treasure ship will be located at the same location as before, but you need to find him on the island first. After arriving at his shop, you can buy a piece of art from him every time you visit, so please make sure you are buying a real artwork.

Every piece of work sold by Redd will be based on real-life art. Fake artwork cannot do anything. Not even famous crooks like Timmy and Tommy can buy it from you. Your only option is to either throw away the fake or display it somewhere on the island.

Given that Redd's schedule is very random, obtaining all the artworks seems like a hopeless goal. Fortunately, Redd is not the only way you can obtain artwork. Redd is not your only reliable way to obtain artwork, but he is certainly not your only hope.

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