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​How to get pearls in


Recently, Nintendo's famous simulation development game "Meet!" "Animal Forest Friends Association" has a free summer version update, the version number is Ver.1.3.0. In this update, Nintendo has opened the sea for players. Now everyone can put on a diving suit, take a diving mask, and go on an adventure in the sea together! Players also have the opportunity to capture various marine life while swimming in the sea. After donating the obtained marine life to Fu Da’s museum, the exhibition room can be enriched and the collection control is busy. When the player catches the sailing shellfish in the sea, there will be an "Aott" who wants to sail the shellfish. After giving Fan Libei it, you should receive some rewards. In this update, the raccoon and Nook store have also put on diving equipment, swimwear, and other swimming equipment. It is understood that "Assembly!" The next animal-free club will be released in August.Recommend website https://www.acbellsbuy.com/.

Animals crossing villagers gathering

Animals Forest has recently opened a summer activity, in which a lot of pearls will be exchanged for some props in the DIY manual. How to get these pearls is a headache for many people. Then let’s share the pearls in the Animals Friends Association. Get the Raiders in the end super detailed. Using scallops to exchange pearls with otters is currently the fastest method. Scott will appear when the player collects scallops for the first time every day and asks to exchange scallops with the player, then the player will randomly obtain a DIY manual or pearl of the Mermaid furniture. After all 21 DIY manuals are obtained, they will be exchanged for pearls. Some netizens pointed out, will it be easier to obtain pearls when holding [Mary Martens]? The answer is no. After testing, the probability of obtaining pearls by exchanging with the otter is the same when holding [without mother of pearl].

Pearls can be collected by diving, but the difficulty of obtaining them is much higher than that of [Zhiyi Scallops], and it takes a long time to brush them, so it is recommended that island owners who are not too time-stricken exchange scallops for pearls directly. There is also a probability of obtaining pearls when diving on Unmanned Island, but since the probability of obtaining pearls on Unmanned Island and your island is the same, there is no need to go to Unmanned Island specifically. And no otter will appear on the unmanned island, which is not suitable for collection. Judging by the bubbles and fish shadows, the fish shadow: extremely small, the bubbles: float upward straight, the pearlfish shadow is extremely small, the bubbles will not sway left and right but directly rise to the surface in a straight form. If you see bubbles like in the animation below, just dive in and collect them. If you only want to collect pearls, you can only dive when you see the tiny fish shadow. You can skip all other fish shadows. Pearls are necessary materials for making mermaid series furniture, and 20 sets are required for full production.

Pearls can be obtained by diving, but unlike other marine life, they cannot be donated to museums. After the pearls are collected, they can be used directly as materials. If the ring money is not enough, you can sell the pearl for money. The selling price of pearls is 10,000 ringtones, and the remaining pearls can also be used to sell money after making the mermaid series of furniture. However, because it is a valuable material, it is not recommended to sell until all DIY is completed. You can put pearls as a decoration in a suitable place, but because it is a prop that cannot be [decorated here], it can only be [placed here], so be careful not to be taken away by strangers when opening the island.Buy Animal Crossing Bells from acbellsbuy.