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​How to get nook miles in Animal Crossing?


Nook Miles demanded in many parts of the game is another currency-like system that differs from Bells in Animal Crossing. At the first of game, players need to pay off the initial immigration loan with 5,000 nook miles. So how can we get nook miles? Let's follow the following introduction.

How to get nook miles?

Similar to achievement points in games, there are many ways to get nook miles

Firstly, The easiest way to get them is to clock in on Nook Stop everyday.

Secondly, we can check the daily tasks on nook miles by mobile application such as catching insects as task request or fishing. Completion of them can obtain nook miles, checking by “+” icon.

Thirdly, when players reach a stage goal in the game, nook miles can be also obtained as rewards. For example, players do something for the first time or do something several times. It seems like an achievement system. For accumulation of large mount of nook miles, it's necessary for us to try things that we've never done before.

Finally, shopping anything even the cheapest one on Nook Stop will be another way of getting nook miles.

Nook Stop

What can Nook Miles be used?

Except for paying off the immigration loans, nook miles can be used to exchange plenty of helpful handbooks and items involving backpack expansion, formula upgrades and nook miles travel vouchers. With backpack expansion, players can carry more things than before, and senior formulas are able to make more durable tools for players. Those who have the nook miles travel vouchers can enter the mysterious island and obtain unique plants or other items.

Many players choose to Buy Nook Miles Tickets to land on more islands and get more rewards so as to save time. If you intend to experience the fun of the game, come to ACBullsBuy to choose what you want!