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​How to get maple leaves in New Horizons and find maple leaf DIY recipes


The maple season in New Horizons lasts only one week. In the northern hemisphere, the maple season runs from November 16 to November 25. In the southern hemisphere, you can enjoy the maple season from April 16th to April 25th. Throughout the maple leaf season, you can still find DIY recipes for mushroom, acorn and pine cone sets, which will help you complete the collection of autumn DIY recipes.

Red maple leaf

DIY recipes and required seasonal materials can also be found during this time, so if you want to complete the maple leaf setup, make sure to visit your island this week.

Maple leaves in New Horizons are captured in the same way as cherry blossom petals. Fortunately, Maple Leaf is easier to spot.

When exploring the island in the maple season, you can catch the fall leaves, but every once in awhile, you will notice a large brown leaf floating in the air this is the maple leaf.

After finding the maple leaf, pull out the net and grab it quickly like a bug. Because the maple leaf can only be used for a short time before it disappears. If you cannot catch up with the leaves in time, you must look for new leaves.

Like most items in New Horizons, Maple Leaf can be sold at the Cranny store in Nook to buy some bells. A maple leaf will earn you 200 bells, so you can easily sell it as needed to get some quick cash. You can also get Maple Leaf quickly at a very low price on the ACBellsBuy site. ACBellsBuy has most of the ACNH Items and sets in New Horizons.

There are nine maple leaf DIY recipes for you to collect in ACNH. It is important to note that many of these DIY recipes also require acorns and pine cones next to the maple leaf.

How to find maple leaf DIY recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Like all seasonal material DIY recipes, you can find maple leaf DIY recipes by opening the gifts dropped by balloons in New Horizons. Maple Leaf DIY recipes are not limited to specific balloon colors, which means you can pop each balloon floating on the island and hope that the balloons may contain one of these recipes.

Tips you need to find maple leaf DIY recipes

Since the maple leaf season of New Horizons only lasts one week, you will most likely want to collect all the maple leaf DIY recipes early, so you can focus on capturing the actual maple leaves needed to make crafts. ACBellsBuy provides many tips to help you see each balloon, maple leaf DIY recipe:

Balloons are only produced within minutes ending in "4" or "9". This means that as long as you pop the balloon, it is possible to produce a new balloon every five minutes. However, it cannot guarantee that one person will.

The direction balloon will change depending on whether you are playing during the day or night. Throughout the day, the balloon will fly over your island in the direction of the westerly wind, but when it descends at 6pm, you will find the balloon will start flying from the east.

The sound of the wind will help you. When the balloons in New Horizons fly near you, you will be able to hear howling. If you hear this sound, make sure to follow it so that the balloon can be found and destroyed.

It is worth noting that if you pop the balloon with water and splash it on a rock or flower, the gift attached to it will disappear. If you think today's content is helpful to you, please remember to bookmark the ACBellsBuy site, we will provide you with the latest information and the cheapest ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, and you can also buy ACNH Bells directly and quickly.