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How to Get, Grow and Use Wheat - Animal Crossing New Horizons - Animal Crossing Items Guides & Tips


Wheat is ACNH 2.0 New Items. After getting Wheat from Leif et al, you can make flour as raw material for cooking DIY recipes. For more Wheat guides, keep reading.

The November 2021 release of Update 2.0 for Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings a slew of updates to the game, including the Wheat Cooking update. Players can now cook many different kinds of meals in the game. Wheat is a growable item in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Initially, wheat was not in the New Horizons item, it was part of the new items in ACNH 2.0. Wheat can be made from the wheat farms, make wheat, flour, whole-wheat flour, Organic bread recipe, etc. It belongs to the Grain type. most commonly in the form of flour. If you are already a chef, you will need Wheat as a crafting ingredient in the process of making all kinds of food. To use wheat material correctly, you must convert the wheat into Flour and Whole-Wheat Flour to use for cooking.

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Precautions before using wheat as a raw material - Animal Crossing

Any food needs to be made in the kitchen. Like a DIY workbench for an island. To make Flour and Whole-Wheat Flour, you'll need a kitchen. To unlock the kitchen, you need to get the stonework kitchen DIY recipe. Stonework kitchen requires the following materials: stone* 30, clay* 15, iron nuggets* 10. Once you're built it, visit your kitchen to make flour or whole-wheat flour.

How to Get Wheat - Animal Crossing New Horizons

Wheat Starts are an Animal Crossing Items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 2.0 Free Update. It is used to cultivate a Ripe Wheat Plant.

Method 1. Buy Wheat Start from Leif. Leif runs a garden shop in New Horizons and visits your island once per week. When he visits, he'll set up his kiosk at the plaza in front of Resident Services. He'll sell an assortment of shrubs. As of the 2.0 Update, Leif now sells products as well. For a copy of Wheat Start, you pay 280 Bells.

Method 2. Kapp'n Boat Tour Islands. Take part in random trips and discover wheat that can be harvested or transplanted to your island right away. However, they cost the player 1000 Nook Miles for every trip, and the success rate for the same is not very high, so this is not option players usually want to consider.

Method 3. progress Harv's co-op. until Leif opens his stall in Harv's Island Plaza.

Method 4. Buy from the Acbellsbuy site. No need to redeem with Nook Miles, ACNH Bells costs, and long wait times. ACNH Shop is well stocked and has a fast delivery.

How to Growing and Cultivate Wheat - New Horizons

Once players have obtained the Wheat Starts, Players must select a spot on their island that will be suitable for them to grow the wheat, and ideally, they must select a grassy region to do so. Later, they must open their inventory, select Wheat Starts, and choose the option to 'Plant One.' One Wheat Start will yield one bag of wheat for players when harvested and can be used at least twice. It is always advisable to plant at least five Wheat Starts to get sufficient material for cooking. Wheat has a 4-day growth cycle. During this time, you will need to water it daily to encourage its growth. If there is precipitation on the island, the crop wheat can be left unwatered. As it grows, the wheat will break out and sprout, and eventually, the wheat will develop one to three stalks. Once you forget or interrupt watering, it will prolong the wheat growth cycle. Or worse, nothing will happen.

How to Use and Plan for Wheat - Animal Crossing New Horizons

Once you've got raw wheat, it can be turned into flour and whole wheat flour with targeted DIY recipes. if you no longer need wheat. They can be sold to Nook's Cranny for 350 bells each. AC Bell is animal crossing money. You need to keep earning animal crossing new horizons bells for deeper island planning. If you're lucky, you'll have a chance to get an animal crossing bell voucher when you're lying on the bed in your room and falling asleep. bell vouchers are also relatively rare and precious items in island activities.