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​How to get DIY Recipes for Animal Crossing


This year is already the second year of the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I believe Deepin players are already very familiar with life on the island. But over time, director Animal Crossing is still attracting many new users. For new players, Animal Crossing is a brand new game, full of exploration and freshness.

As we all know, DIY is the soul of the Animal Crossing game. There are hundreds of DIY recipe Recipes in the game to complete the design of the island and the decoration of the house. Many of the furniture or objects in the game have only been heard, but I have never seen it before, so how can I obtain these DIY Recipes?

1. The development of islands

DIY recipe Recipes

In the early stage of the game, as long as the player continues to promote the plot, our NPCTom Nook will tell the player the basic tool DIY manual, such as the simple stone Axe, simple fishing rod, and so on. When the story goes on, players will get the formulas for poles and ladders, and they can explore the island without restrictions.

Wait until certain mileage points have been accumulated. It is strongly recommended to go to the ATM in the office to buy the DIY Recipes It can be used normally! Prop Recipes. After learning, you can make advanced and more durable tools such as the ax, which can greatly improve the materials (fish, insects, wood, ore, etc.) ) Collection efficiency.

2. Resident Services ATM


On the ATMs in the office, there will be several very useful Recipes in the early days, such as Recipes for expanding backpacks and Recipes for making advanced tools. In the later stage, there will be many DIY Recipes in the ATM, which can be exchanged for mileage. Two DIY Recipes are also refreshed every day, but they are all fence-type DIY, and the price is 1000 miles. If you need to rebuild the island later, you can buy it when you see a fence you like.

3. Nook Store

Nook Store

After the store is built, DIY Recipes will be updated every day in the store window. Don't just look at the furniture refreshed in the store every day, you can also click on the window to see if there are any DIY Recipes you like.

4. Villagers


Animals are also an important way to obtain DIY Recipes. Sometimes when you visit a small animal's house, you will see the small animal beating in front of the production stage. If you go up to the conversation at this time, the small animal will tell you what it is doing and ask you if you are not interested. If the answer is yes, the animal will send you the corresponding DIY Recipes. If you find that a little animal is making rare furniture, don't forget to tell your friends, let them come to your island to talk to the little animal, and you can get the DIY Recipes.

5. The balloon falls

The balloon falls

There will be random balloons floating on the island, I believe everyone has encountered it, but for a long time, novice players don't know how to get these gifts. It is very simple. As long as you use a slingshot to hit it down, you will drop all kinds of gifts. Furniture, materials, bell coins, and DIY Recipes are also included.

6. Floating bottle

Floating bottle

Players will randomly spawn drifting bottles at the beach after they go online every day, and there are DIY Recipes inside. After the player finds it and opens it, there will be a letter from the sender and a DIY Recipes attached. Remember to go to the beach every day after going online.

7. Blathers's sister

Blathers's sister

Museum curator Blathers's sister will occasionally visit your island as a guest, so be sure to talk to her. My sister will randomly teach you special DIY Recipes made from star fragments, and there are some DIY Recipes exclusively for the twelve constellations.

8. A flash of inspiration

A flash of inspiration

Sometimes when players get specific materials, they will occasionally have a flash of inspiration. Get along with DIY inspiration. For example, when fishing boots or tires, they will directly get DIY Recipes that can be made with the corresponding materials.

9. Gifts from friends

Gifts from friends

Sometimes a duplicate DIY Recipes is obtained occasionally, but the player cannot repeat the study. Either the extra DIY Recipes can only be sold, but the price is very low. Therefore, it is recommended that if you get duplicate DIY Recipes, you can choose to exchange them with a friend, or simply give it to a friend, I believe your friend will give you a gift in return.


The above is about the way to obtain the DIY manual in Animal Crossing. Don't worry about the DIY you want to get but you haven't encountered it. Maybe it's just not the time. Please enjoy life on the island patiently. Of course, you can also quickly get Whole Set Recipes through ACBellsBuy. We have 24/7 online customer service. You can consult and place an order at any time, which is convenient and fast.