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How to Get Best Villagers with Nook Miles Tickets | Animal Crossing


There are multiple ways to invite villagers to your island. Today we'll focus on recruiting the best animal villagers with Nook Miles Tickets.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Recruiting villagers is a social mechanic that allows you to meet new friends in town. In island life, in addition to Nook's Cranny, the upgrade and expansion of the ABLE Sister store, and the increase of island animal villagers. These are all indispensable and important conditions for the island to upgrade to 5 stars.

Nook Miles Ticket(NMT)


How To Get Nook Miles Tickets

To recruit new villagers on the Nook Miles Ticket Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you must first purchase the Nook Miles Ticket at the Nook Stop Terminal in Resident Services. This is a mandatory rule. Nook Miles Ticket price is worth 2,000 Nook Miles. Purchasing ACNH NMT at Animal Crossing is permitted and legal. Add to the cart, pay, and you can have it in ten minutes.


How To Buy Nook Miles

Nook Miles cannot be purchased directly. Nook Miles can be earned by fishing, buying ACNH Items, writing messages on bulletin boards, and more. Turn on your Nook phone, and you can see how many Nook Miles you've earned.


Take the Animal Crossing Nook Mile Ticket, go to the airport, and fly to the mysterious island. Here you can meet random animal villagers that you can talk to and recruit to move to your village. If they agree to come, you must go home immediately and do some preparations for the arrival of the new villagers. Acbellsbuy provides you with any materials you need, such as good as bells loan, 2.0 Items, or ACNH Tools.


1. Talk to Tom Nook to prepare a clearing and place the house kit.

2. Make and submit all furniture for the batch.

3. Talk to Tom Nook again.

4. Invited villagers to move in the next day.


acnh nook with AC bells


Building houses for new Animal Crossing residents require a lot of bells, and you can take a loan from Nook or earn bells if needed. Of course, if you don't want to wait, you can always use Time Travel to advance the game. I don't recommend you use time travel. For us players, that's going to take a lot of fun out of it.


The island trip using the Nook Miles Ticket is randomly generated, and if you don't encounter animal villagers, you can also collect other items on the island here, such as fruits, branches, seeds, and other resources. The collected resources can be brought back to your island and sold to earn a lot of bells. You can even dig up a foreign tree and plant it on your island. This is all allowed. Tickets allow players to visit other deserted islands and collect artifacts or invite villagers to your island on a mystery tour.


Prepare to explore new islands

1. Prepare basic tools such as Golden Net, ladder, and Vaulting Pole. These are the must-haves for the Mystery Island event. For example, Golden Net catches bugs or butterflies, ladders can climb cliffs, and Vaulting Pole can cross rivers.

2. Empty the excess space in the backpack to prepare for the resources to be collected.

3. Before departure, eat tomatoes, apples, or cherries to replenish energy.


Why are there no villagers when I use AC NMT?

When the maximum number of villagers on your island - is 10, no villagers will appear on Nook Miles Island. Solution: This means that if you don't have a place to host any new villagers, you'll need to make a clearing on the island for the incoming animal villagers.


animal crossing best villagers


How to get the Best villagers in Animal Crossing?

If you want to have the best villagers, you need to have Amiibo cards for the animal villager characters you want to have first. After scanning your Amiibo card, you'll invite them to stay at your campsite. If this island doesn't have your favorite resident, you'll need to use more Animal Crossing Nook miles to travel to other islands until you find the one you want.


Tips for Inviting Villagers through Mystery Tour

1. Leave at least one open space.

2. You can only invite one villager per day to move to your island.

3. Villagers who have been invited will not appear in the mystery tour.

4. Prepare a gift to make sure the new animal villager will agree to your move request.