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How to get an animal crossing Ornament Tree on ACBellsBuy?


The decorative tree is an animal crossing: New Horizon 2.0 freely updated customizable household items. It is also a must-have item for Christmas Day.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 adds five new Christmas ornaments: the Giant Ornament, Ornament Crown, Ornament Garland, Ornament Table Lamp, and Ornament Tree. Among them, Ornament Tree is the most popular among players.

The decorative tree is made by a DIY recipe. DIY recipes can be obtained from villagers or balloons. There are no rules for communicating with villagers or shooting down balloons. The player needs to hit the balloon before the slingshot fails. Slingshots can be purchased at the Nook shop. Outdoor slingshots need 2500 bells. After we buy Animal Crossing Bells, we can choose more advanced outdoor slingshots. Players who want to obtain the Ornament Tree recipe need to act from December 15th to January 6th.

Ornament Tree

Ornament Tree crafting materials

Red Ornaments*3

Blue Ornaments*2

Gold Ornaments*1

Iron Nugget*3

In addition to decorating your island, Ornament Tree adds a festive atmosphere. It can also provide an additional 0.5 development point for your island rating. The size of the Ornament Tree is 1.0*1.0. Ornament Tree has 5 variants and 4 custom kits. The 5 variants are red, green, blue, pink, and purple. 4 customized kits can be completed by the DIY workbench.

Ornament Trees can only be made by collecting materials and cannot be purchased directly. If you have extra Ornament Trees, you can sell them to Timmy & Tommy of Nook's Cranny, each for 2,850 bells. Nook's Cranny also sells a variety of DIY manuals. Choose to Buy ACNH Bells. You can directly own the DIY manual.

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