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​How to get a balloon in Animal Crossing?


There is a balloon with a gift. you can shoot from the air with a slingshot. Surprisingly, the balloon will randomly drop ACNH bells and rare DIY recipes. If you like to open blind boxes and collect various DIY recipes, then shooting down as many balloons as possible is the most effective way.

Balloons are one of the items in the game. In Animal Crossing, players who like unknown excitement, if you want to get a surprise gift like a blind box, balloons can still satisfy your wishes. If you don't like this approach, players can also choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to experience the fun of the game. Because the balloon will randomly drop items such as clothes and furniture. Ambitious players will want to plant as many balloons as possible.

The source of the balloon

If you have enough time, you can take the listening approach. Because there will be a whistle indicating information about the balloon. If you have limited time, you only need to focus on one direction in a day. Every time of sunrise and sunset. Time switching time is the origin of the balloon.

Pay attention to time

According to the rules of the game, a new balloon will be generated every 4 minutes and 9 minutes. If you don't see them as expected, don't worry, you may have to wait 5 minutes to see them.

Wind direction control

When the balloon crosses your island, the wind direction will affect the balloon's route. Observe the direction of the wind with your eyes and judge where the wind will take the balloon. This is a line. It is recommended that you follow this line. If you do not follow the route. Then you may get lost.

High wall trick

In the game, players found that using high walls can change the direction of the balloon. Because the balloon changes its course when it encounters a building. You can stand and wait to shoot it down.

This is how balloon farming is done. The way to capture the balloon is very simple. Players can get surprise gifts as long as they remember the details of the operation. Of course, if players have limited time and do not get a balloon in the game summary, they can also choose Buy ACNH Items from the ACBellsBuy website. Any items designed in the game can be bought here.