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How to find the Lost Items of animals crossing new horizons?


When villagers move on the island, they may lose some items. Similarly, they will also pick up items that others have discarded on the island. This has become a very important skill for how to retrieve lost items. Players can talk to the villagers and return the lost items to the correct villagers, which may be rewarded.

With this in mind, if you lose something, you can reduce the scope of your search through deworming, or you can ask nearby villagers for help. Through conversation, no matter what you lose, even a book or even a pen, they Will be found and returned to you. In return, the owner will provide a reward to the player, usually clothing or furniture.


If the player returns the item to the correct villager on the first attempt without showing it to other villagers, he or she will get a bigger and better reward. In addition, if you return the item without asking in advance, you will receive additional friendship points with the owner.

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