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How to drink a cup of coffee in Animal Crossing New Horizons?


Animal Crossing islands aren't just built around islands, and when we're thirsty, we can stop by the Brewster Animal Crossing counter for a cup of coffee. Do you like this set? First, you need to understand how to unlock ACNH Brewster and his The Roost.

WHO IS Brewster Animal Crossing?

ACNH Brewster is a Pigeon Species male animal villager. He was added to the 2.0 update as an addition to the museum after the player completed certain objectives. He runs a coffee shop called The Roost. His birthday is October 15, Libra. Libras are relatively calm. So the image of Brewster Animal Crossing is quiet and composed. He loves to collect gyroids and make the perfect cup of coffee, and even offers some "pigeon milk" once you become a regular customer. (Yes, pigeon milk is disgusting, but it's the mind that counts.) Don't forget to accumulate Animal Crossing Bells while drinking your coffee. Because you can't drink coffee without the Animal Crossing Bell Voucher. Coffee is a paid service.

Brewster Animal Crossing New Horizons has a passion for coffee. His language is usually very blunt and straightforward. But that tone may start to soften when players buy hot coffee. Buy bells Animal Crossing can pay for coffee. Although not the only currency in circulation, ACNH Bells are indeed the most important of the ACNH Bell Vouchers. When the player develops a positive relationship with him, he becomes more friendly and considerate. He sells a cup of coffee for 200 bells a day. When you talk to him, he'll ask you: "Drink it hot or give it up?" He asks the player to drink their coffee ASAP, and he'll be offended if the player responds that they want it to cool down.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Brewster Cafe

How to unlock Animal Crossing: New Horizons Brewster and his The Roost?

1. Players donated a total of 60 items to the museum. In this activity, you will touch Bell Voucher Animal Crossing. Bell Voucher runs throughout the game and can be exchanged for Animal Crossing Bells. The Blathers Museum is the foundation of the existence of ACNH Brewster and his Animal Crossing Cafe. You want to guarantee the successful upgrade of your island museum. After completing the Blathers Museum upgrade conditions, Blathers will tell you that he has been thinking about opening a cafe in the museum, but he needs help finding his old friend Brewster Animal Crossing to run it. Agree to help him.

2. Find Brewster ACNH through Kapp'n. Kapp'n is a new character introduced in the ACNH 2.0 update. He organized a boat trip. Exchange 1,000 Nook Miles for a trip. He'll take you to a new type of Mystery Tour that Nook Miles Tickets can't reach. Keep in mind that Kapp'n can only take you on one island tour per day, so if you want to unlock Brewster's cafe quickly, you'll need to talk to Blathers first. Talk to Blathers. You get an ACNH Brewster photo. According to the photos, explore the island, explore the island, and you'll soon find the elusive Brewster ACNH roaming around. Then follow the game instructions and talk to Brewster ACNH. And good news for Blathers! In the final step, Visit The Roost Animal Crossing! Brathers will close the museum the next day as he prepares for the arrival of Brewster ACNH.

Location of The Roost Animal Crossing

The Roost Animal Crossing is located in the Museum Lobby. Brewster ACNH wouldn't be on the island if you hadn't spoken to Brathers at the museum first. Brewster will offer the option to order coffee after you visit the Animal Crossing Cafe and order coffee three days in a row. You can order takeaway coffee directly at the cashier, but it's more expensive than drinking it there - 300 ACNH Bells. From there, you can keep that cup of coffee in your pocket and savor it later. You can collect Bell voucher ACNH and exchange it for Bells before you treat your guests.

List of coffees you can drink at Brewster's Cafe

What you can do at The Roost

As soon as the store opens, you can sit on the bar stool and Brewster will give you a free cup of coffee. Sometimes other visitors will sit next to your stool and drink their cups - you can talk to them, or just sit next to them. For a good moment, you can also invite characters to Animal Crossing Cafe with an Amiibo or Amiibo card. Depending on who you invite, different people may appear. If you invite someone with a little friend, Brewster won't give him/her a cup of coffee, but a cookie instead. Sometimes people on your island stop for a coffee, like Isabelle or Tom Nook.

List of Brewster Rewards

Day 1, Opening Ceremony

Day 3, Takeout Coffee

Day 6, Roost Sable Cookie Recipe

Day 12, Coffee Beans

Day 16, Cup with Saucer

Day 21, Coffee Plant

Day 31, Siphon

Day 41, Pro Coffee Grinder

Day 51, Brewstoid

It has to be said that meeting friends in a coffee shop is a very romantic thing. After the ACNH 2.0 update, New Horizons has also updated food and drink for DIY recipes. The last welcome coffee Animal Crossing Items are Coffee beans, Takeout coffee, Boba Coffee, coffee cup, coffee cup, Iced coffee, Pro coffee grinder, Canned coffee, and coffee grinder. ACbellsbuy can provide you with a complete list of ACNH Items. Don't forget the Buy Animal Crossing Items when inviting friends to the island with CODE. You can enjoy 10% OFF on most items. remember!