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​How to create the perfect snowman in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Winter is in mid-June in the southern hemisphere and mid-December in the northern hemisphere. Friends in the deep winter, you must be interested in the winter in the game. The snowy days in winter are very happy, but In this limited time, don't just look at the snow.

The snow boy will appear like two scattered snowballs somewhere where your animal crosses the island. They will only generate when your town is completely covered by snow. On islands with terrain or furniture everywhere, once you have enough space and the town is covered by snow, you should produce two unique snowballs every day.

To build the perfect snowman, you need to find two snowballs on the island. First, you need to approach the snowball and kick it through the snow. This will make the snowball bigger, and eventually, you will be able to grab and roll the snowball.


If you accidentally destroyed the snowball, just enter a building and it will regenerate elsewhere. Other dangers include stinky star beetles. This unique creature will grab your snowball and move around, possibly ruining your perfect snowman plan.

The snowman will last for four days in your city and then disappear. Every day after the completion, when you chat with the snowman, the snowman will give you an extra big snowflake reward.

Winter brings new activities and unique recipes to the game, which can only be obtained by shooting down balloons or creating the perfect snowman. Every time you build a perfect Snowboy, you will receive a new winter DIY recipe. These include:

Frozen Arch

Freezing bed

Freezing chair

Freezing counter

Freeze partition

Frozen Pillar

Frozen sculpture

Frozen table

Frozen tree

Cryotherapy set

Ice floor

Ice wall


Snowman head

Three-layer snowman

There are many recipes to collect, you need to improve your snowman making skills to take them all away. For more exciting content, please continue to pay attention to us. We will also send Animal Crossing Items for players to choose while making great discounts. Come and visit our website: https://www.acbellsbuy.com/