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How to Choose The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager You Want


A total of 10 villagers can live on a small island. As for the appearance of villagers, everyone has their own favorite. Each of the two villagers is systematically arranged. A big sister role and a sports role. The player cannot choose whether to find the answer. It's hard to accept. One way is to blow up the island again. After two weeks, you can wait for the villager to move. You can get along first, but you will leave when you feel good. I'm afraid you can't give up. Also useless.

Animal crossing villagers 1

After the airport is open, you can go to the unmanned material island. This is the first opportunity for you to choose independently. You can invite 3 villagers to enter the island. Before the store is built, you can go to an unmanned island with ACNH Nook Miles Tickets until you encounter You like it, but there is a problem. Many functions are not open before the store is completed, and it is quite boring to only brush the villager. After inviting 3 villagers, no villager will no longer appear on the uninhabited island, so it is good to pick and choose properly. Don’t regret it. The first 5 are the initial villager. They will move after about 2 weeks with the plot.

Pay attention to the Rick immigration plan after the store is completed. At this time, 3 villagers have not yet been invited, and the system will make a mandatory arrangement to come one a day. After the invitation, the villager you invite will also come one day, 5 will be upgraded to the Qihou Village Office, there will be a campsite plot, the sixth villager from the campsite is randomly arranged by the system, and it must be narcissism One of the characters, honestly accepts the arrangement.

Animal crossing villagers 2

After the campsite, Ricke can buy land and invite villagers to promote the rating of the island. This is the second opportunity for independent choice. The steps are as follows, buy a piece of land, choose a good location, go to an uninhabited island, a villager can be invited on the island if they like it, and leave if they don't like it. Note here that after choosing a good location on the same day, if the system is not invited the next day, the system will force a random check-in. So every time you buy a piece of land, go to Unmanned Island on the same day. After the invitation, the plot shows the deal, and the name of the villager you invite will be displayed on the deal. The next day the villager moved in, and you only bought a piece of land. You can only invite one a day. Remember. Don't buy land after you invite one, don't leave the island, wait for the villager to come and buy land to leave the island the next day. There are 4 pieces of land available for purchase, but this is not in a hurry, because most of the functions are already open, you can buy land in a hurry, do tasks, spend your daily life, save some air tickets, etc. I feel prepared enough to buy land to invite out, personal feeling There are always cute get to your villager in the 10 tickets. It is not counted to brush a specific one. This is not an outrageous discussion.

Animal crossing villagers 3

The initial villager moves. After about 2 weeks, the initial villager bubbling on the head will take the initiative to approach you. At this time, the villager will propose to go to other worlds to see. At this time, it can be retained. Go away, irreversible, pay attention to the dialogue, and don't choose randomly.

The villager proposed to move, and it was fine that day. The next day you go to the villager house and you will always pick up your luggage at home and say thank you. It's quite heartbreaking. It should be noted here that if other island players come to play at this time, there is a piece of unsold land on his island, and you can invite moving villager to your island.

Animal crossing villagers 4

One day after the villager packs up its luggage, the original address of the villager becomes a piece of land for sale. As mentioned above, please invite the villager to the unmanned island on the same day, otherwise, it will be compulsorily arranged the next day, pay attention.