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​How to celebrate birthdays with animals crossing New Horizons villagers


If you haven't figured it out yet, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most beneficial game you can play on Nintendo Switch right now, so it's no surprise that

Animal Crossing is important to you and your villagers' birthdays. Because the game runs in real-time, every villager has a birthday, and only a few villagers share a birthday. Celebrating the villagers' birthday is the key to building a friendship with them, so don't miss it.

How to know the birthday of the villager

A few weeks before your villager's birthday, Tom Nook will post a notice on the bulletin board announcing which villager's birthday is approaching. You will know that there is a new memo because a bird will hang at the top of the memo board.

If you miss the memo, your other villagers will also mention your villager's birthday when they talk to them. If you want to find out if any villagers are celebrating their birthdays this month, you can find many informal villager birthday guides online, or you can buy the official Animal Crossing villager birthday guides from MyNintendo.

If you want to increase your friendship with the villagers, you can choose to visit them on their birthdays. You just need to show up at their house, where they will hold their birthday party. Best to bring them gifts. If you attend their party, they will send you a letter and a gift the next day, thanking you for attending their party.

Your villagers will also celebrate your birthday with you

When you log in for your birthday, your villagers will host a birthday party for you in the game. After logging in, one of your novice villagers or one of your best friends in the game will be waiting for you outside the house. They will invite you to their house for a surprise, and the other two villagers will be here waiting for you to celebrate.

There will be a piece of cake in the center of the room, you can press "A" to blow it out. Then replace the cake with a faience pot, you can click on the pot to reveal 10 birthday cakes. These can be provided to other villagers who did not attend your party.

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