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How to catch bugs and butterflies fast | Guides and tips - Animal Crossing


Bugs and butterflies in Animal Crossing New Horizons can appear anywhere on the island. You need to capture them with the help of ACNH Tools in ACNH Items.

The choice to settle in the southern or northern hemisphere is the player's choice. There will be time differences between the northern and southern hemispheres. This means that when players in the southern hemisphere can catch bugs with Golden Net, it may be night in the northern hemisphere. Excluding the location in the northern and southern hemispheres, Animal Crossing New Horizons has a total of 80 species of bugs. Among them, 36 species of bugs can always be caught in the southern hemisphere, one more than in the northern hemisphere. The ACNH Islands started with nothing. Sapling seeds purchased from Nook's Cranny can be planted on islands. Various flowers and trees are very important for the emergence of later bugs and butterflies.

Golden Net catches bugs

The Nook loan from the Resident Services Centre and repayment is part of the island upgrade process. Trying to Buy Animal Crossing Bells is a great opportunity to unlock new features on the island. We will buy Cherry Tee seeds from Timmy or Tommy and plant them in the pit dug with Shovel. Be patient and you'll get Cherry Tee. As the island is gradually upgraded to 5 stars, the island begins to gradually appear with bugs and butterflies.

How to catch bugs or butterflies at ACNH?

During April, 10 new bug species were added to the island. May also welcome new bug species. Before catching bugs or butterflies, you need to make a Catch Net. There are Outdoorsy Net, Ordinary Net, Star Net, Colorful Net, Flimsy Net, and more in Animal Crossing Items. But I recommend Golden Net. Because the Golden Net in ACNH Items has a longer lifespan. After the tool is complete, you need a goal and good timing. Have your net in hand ahead of time. Hold your breath, don't be nervous. Press A when you get close to a bug or butterfly to catch it. After a successful catch, the system will tell you the name and information of the bug or butterfly you caught. Don't worry about bugs or butterflies escaping, after they are caught, they will automatically be put into your backpack.

What is the easy way to catch bugs?

Prepare your capture tools in advance.

The operation only needs to press and hold A to confirm.

Get close to the capture range and don't get nervous.

What do trapped bugs and butterflies do?

Island Showcase: Acbellsbuy offers Animal Crossing Bells For Sale, Artisanal Bug Cage, and Bug Cage for sale. Catch a bug or butterfly you particularly like and put it in a box as a display for your home, beach, vacant lot, etc.

Go to Nook's Cranny for sale

Selling the bugs and butterflies you catch is one of the quickest ways to earn ACNH Bells. Each bug and butterfly has a corresponding price. You can get up to 12,000 Bells of them. Very good deal.

As a gift to a friend

Interacting with animal neighbors every day is also part of island activities. In addition to daily greetings, we can also give the captured bugs and butterflies as gifts to animal villagers. Usually, you will also get an unexpected gift in return. This process is very interesting.