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How to Build Nook's Cranny | Animal Crossing with ACNH Items


Animal Crossing New Horizons island life requires Museum, Nook's Cranny, or ABLE Sister. But it needs to be unlocked by the player in person.

ACNH Shop will ACNH Items For Sale. Your difficulties will become easier in front of Animal Crossing Items. Novices entering the island will first follow the game instructions. Start with the character set first, and gradually get to know the island staff. Some buildings on the island are necessities, and players must follow the steps to take a loan from Tom, upgrade the store, repay the loan, and so on. Each building has conditions that trigger the plot. So today I will build the initial store of Animal Crossing for everyone.

The game starts with Timmy and Tommy and Tom Nook selling things in an office tent. This is what Nook's Cranny looked like before the upgrade. When the player completes several hidden conditions, the storyline of building the store is triggered.

The hidden condition is:

1. Pay off the 5K Miles.

2. Use loans to buy a house.

3. Donate 5 samples to Tom Nook.

4. The curator of the museum came to the island.

NooK's Cranny

After doing the above, Tom Nook will propose to open a store and communicate with him. Then you will know the materials needed to build the shop.




Iron nugget*30

These three types of wood can be easily harvested by cutting down trees, but 30 iron blocks are a bit more difficult. After receiving the quest, first, go to talk to the Animal Crossing villagers on the island to get 5 Iron nuggets. Next, hit the rock with Shovel to get the Iron nugget. The number of Iron nuggets obtained by tapping is random. Upgrading Shovel to Golden Shovel increases tool ACNH Tools lifespan. Cheap ACNH Items can meet the needs of players' life. A golden Axe can chop down trees to collect wood, a Golden Rod can fish, and a Golden shovel can dig fossils.

We don't have many rocks on the player, and the only rocks are not enough for our mission. At this time, it is a good way to go to Material island. To start the Mystery tour you need an ACNH Nook Miles Tickets. Nook Miles Tickets require 2000 Nook Miles to redeem. You can earn Nook Miles by completing island quests (fishing, catching bugs, etc.). Save time and you can omit boring repetitive steps from Acbellsbuy Buy Animal Crossing NMT.

After going out of the island twice, you will be able to collect iron blocks, and then you can give all the materials to Timmy. The store will be built the next day. By the way, in the process of exploring the island of matter, we may encounter some new fruits. I recommend bringing back the fruit to grow or eat. You can also shovel some whole fruit trees and bring them home to plant.

Animal Crossing is a peaceful game. If you don't want to catch up with the game, you can play at your own pace. The game won't send you emails to urge you, it's important to enjoy the game. Hope you have fun.