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How to bring back more ACNH Items with Mystery Tour in May 2022?


Animal Crossing New Horizons Island welcomes new holidays and seasonal times in May. We need more Animal Crossing Items to support our island activities. Mystery Tour gets us practical ACNH Items, including ACNH Bells, in a short amount of time.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mystery Travel

Entering May, the New Horizons Islands will experience some subtle changes. As an island resident, there will be new seasonal events and seasonal materials in May. Especially after the ACNH 2.0 update, more seasonal materials have been added to ACNH Items, including Acorn Rug and The Maple Leaf Rug. Some scarce materials cannot be obtained directly, you can try to obtain them from Mystery Tour. Mystery Tour is an opportunity for Nintendo to offer players Mystery Island Tours as well. There are multiple mysterious islands in the game for players to visit. Every visit to the mysterious island is different. How much material the mysterious island has depends on their luck.

How to start a mystery journey in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

1. Dodo Airlines. Bring your Nook Miles Tickets voucher redeemed for 2000 Nook Miles to Dodo Airlines. Nook Miles can be earned through daily island quests. Nook Miles is different from Nook Miles Tickets (Animal Crossing NMT) and cannot be used for Mystery Island flights. After entering the airline, talk to Orville. Choose to start your flight with Nook Miles Tickets (NMT). The plane will stop at the pier. Wilbur greets the player on the mysterious island. Once you decide to go back, just go back the same way. While most Myst Islands are rich in resources, there is no guarantee that players will end up on rare Myst Islands like Money Rock or Fin.

Wilbur greeting the player to the mystery island

2, Kapp'n boat tour. Kapp'n is a green turtle that you can find in ACNH offering special boat trips to the islands. Please note that the New Horizons version needs to be upgraded to version 2.0 or later. Kapp'n boat tours are different from the way Dodo Airlines operates. Dodo Airlines takes players to a mysterious island. The Kapp'n boat tour method has a boat ride. A Kapp'n boat tour costs only 1000 Nook Miles. You don't need to buy Animal Crossing NMT (ACNH NMT) for Kapp'n. Brand new mysterious islands often offer new special items not found on your home island. Additionally, Kapp'n can take you to islands with different seasons or weather than your home island.

Kapp'n Boat Tours & New Mystery Islands

What can you get from Animal Crossing New Horizons Mystery Island?

No matter which way you go to the mysterious island, please empty the backpack capacity in advance. In addition to the basic tools Ladder, Golden Shovel, Golden Axe, and Vaulting Pole, other items are recommended to be stored in the open space of your island. After entering the mysterious island. Fruits, flowers, and shells are the most common materials. Followed by iron blocks, wood, and hybrid flowers. Then there are rare fish, bugs, and butterflies. The rarest island is the Gold Nugget Island. The center of the island is covered with Gold Nugget (Animal Crossing Gold). If you choose the Kapp'n boat way, you have a good chance of encountering Vines, Glowing Moss, Plumeria Bushes, etc.

How to get more ACNH Items from Mystery Island?

You can start by choosing to set sail with Kapp'n to the Mysterious Island. The Kapp'n boat tour can only be used once a day. After that, you can choose to use NMT, and choose the Dodo airline way to fly multiple times. Dodo Airlines only accepts ACNH NMT. Animal Crossing NMT, Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets can be selected from ACbellsbuy. You can earn multiple Nook Miles Tickets for 15 minutes. This allows for multiple trips to and from the mysterious island to carry useful materials.