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​How many times can switch Animal Crossing Pocket be expanded?


Players who just started playing Animal Crossing may have a problem. They feel that the pocket is not enough. Don't worry, the pocket can be expanded. Before expanding your pocket, you need to do a task to accumulate 5000 Nook Miles Tickets, then go to the ATM in the service area and choose mileage exchange.

Choose a pocket tidying technique related to pocket expansion, the price is 5000 miles. After that, the manual will transfer data through the mobile phone software. When you open the pocket again, you will find that the pocket has expanded by 10 more positions.


One point of advice is that you should not go by plane when you have not expanded your pocket, because if you go by plane to search for materials, our pocket will not have enough space to put things, but we will remind you before taking the plane. If our 30 pocket are not enough, we can wait 7 days to upgrade the pocket again.

We go to the upgrade service department. The upgrade service department does not require any materials. As long as we complete it according to the requirements of Rick every day, on the seventh day, Rick will tell us that its service department should be completely upgraded and wait for the service department to upgrade. After that, we went to the Tandoori machine to exchange 8000 miles for an item of Pocket Filling Tips, so that we can expand the pocket to 40 positions.

The above is all about the expansion of the Animal Crossing pocket. It is recommended that players go to the uninhabited island after the pocket is expanded. To go for a 2,000 Miles trip, we need to bring a shovel, fishing rod, and insect net, which are the most basic. If there are ladders and jumping poles, we must also bring them. Sometimes repeated actions will make you lose patience. You can also go to ACBellsBuy to buy directly. We provide players with a wealth of ACNH Items, support 24/7 online services, and fast delivery.