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​How many Bells did you spend to upgrade the island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?


The main feature of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that it almost simulates the living expenses of real human beings. What I have to mention here are loans and repayments. It is the main content of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


For daily expenses, you can obtain wealth through your transactions, but it may take a lot of money to complete it, such as house sales and decoration. As ordinary residents on the island, who want luxurious residences but can't come up with enough funds, many players think of borrowing.


However, Home loans are not the only thing that can burden the financial burden of Animal Crossing fans. If you want the community to reach other places on the island without using ladders or poles to cross the river, the cost of bridges and stairs for the community is also high, coming directly from the player's pocket. Each installation has eight different types of bridges and stairs, ranging from 98,000 to 228,000 bells. Therefore, those who want to design sophisticated communities will see a rapid increase in costs.


Players repeatedly paid Tom Nook more and more huge loans, and then Tom Nook offered another space of the same size to buy. As a result, players spend far more than they might realize all the space needed to accommodate all their DIY decorations and activity furniture.


The following is a list of each Animal Crossing: it can be used to upgrade the New Horizons in the player's home, and the installation and upgrade fees charged by Tom Nook to the player. Although no one knows how much he will spend, he is more than enough, because these upgrades allowed him to derive the bells from the players of Animal Crossing and buy several of his islands.


Resident Service Center


The following is a list of each update that Animal Crossing players can purchase, and the fees requested by Tom Nook, including the most recent storage expansion fee.


First Home Loan  - 98,000 Bells

Second Home Loan - 198,000 Bells

Third Home Loan - 348,000 Bells

Fourth Home Loan - 548,000 Bells

Fifth Home Loan - 758,000 Bells

Sixth Home Loan - 1,248,000 Bells

Seventh Home Loan - 2,498,000 Bells

Storage Expansion Up-Front Cost - 500,000 Bells


In total, the fully expanded Animal Crossing Home (with full storage space) will put 5,696,000 bells on the player's back. Adding a staircase and a bridge, the total reached a staggering 5,892,000 bells. If you don't want to take a loan, then I can choose to buy ACNH Bells from ACBellsBuy, and decorate the most luxurious island with the least money. Do you also wonder what Tom Nook will do with all the money he gets from players?