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How do you kick a villager in Animal Crossing?


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of cute little villagers who will live with you in your small town on the island. Unfortunately, you can't always choose who to move in-maybe you need to change your pace. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of the villagers in Animal Crossing.

Animal crossing villagers

Although Isabelle did have some options to report the villagers' naughtiness, none actually translated into expulsion. If a friend teaches them a bad mantra or makes them wear ugly clothes, you can think of these choices as a reset.

How to make villagers feel neglected

One of the best ways to find out that villagers are no longer popular is to ignore them completely. Think that social alienation is extreme. Don't talk to them, don't complete requirements or tasks for them, don't even ask them what they are building. Pretend that they don't even exist while socializing with your other villagers. This can help establish negligence, which can help trigger the next phase.

Animal crossing villagers 1

After ignoring the villager for several days, you still need to observe the resident. If you see them hovering in a thought bubble above their heads, or when they come to you calling your name, you actually want to participate here because it means they have a dilemma. Of course, sometimes they will perform tasks or requests, or want to teach you a response, but the possibility of a villager showing these signs is considering moving, so there must be a participant present to consolidate the decision.

This can easily happen to villagers you like, so make sure you don't like the people you talk to, and encourage them to leave or persuade them to stay. If you want to remove villagers from the island, please check every day until they decide to quit.

How to use the camp to move villagers (Amiibo)

For this trick, you need to have a full occupation of 10 villagers on your island, which may take a little while if you are still on a mission with Tom Nook early in the game. Until you build the camp and start selling land to potential residents, you can maximize the population of the town.

Animal crossing villagers 2

Once you have a complete roster, the next thing you need is an Amiibo card for the villager you want to exchange. You can also wait for a villager to appear in the camp, but this method at least guarantees the appearance.

Use Amiibo Cards to summon the villagers to the campsite, create any DIY projects they want, make them happy, and make sure to do so within 3 days, because they have been dissatisfied with entering the island until you give them enough help .

On the third day, give them the last gift and talk until you convince them to move in-only they will come back sadly because there is no space on the island. At this point, they will mention that they have heard that someone is considering moving-this is your big opportunity.

They will let you point out the villagers who are willing to "negotiate" to move out, let new villagers move in, and kick your problem residents out! Once you choose to kick out the villager, your new friends will easily know that they are considering leaving at any time and will prepare for moving in. You can even go and chat with the people you are about to become former residents who are already packing their bags.

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