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​How do I get the snowflake furniture drawings in Animal Crossing?


There are many ways to obtain furniture in the Animal Crossing. Usually, players will find materials through drawings and then synthesize them. In the game, many players want to obtain ice and snow furniture, so how to obtain ice and snow furniture?

snowflake furniture

The way to obtain ice and snow furniture still needs to be obtained through drawings, so in the game, we experience that to obtain ice and snow furniture, we still need to obtain drawings of ice and snow furniture. How to obtain the ice and snow furniture drawings? There are two main ways to obtain ice and snow furniture rabbits, one is to obtain by playing with a balloon, and the other is to obtain by making a snowman.

Playing balloons is a way to get many things in many places. In the game, we need to use a slingshot to shoot down balloons that are randomly refreshed in the air. This will give us a chance to get ice and snow furniture rabbit paper, but we still need to be careful not to hit Falling into the water, you won't get anything like this.

Snowmen can also get ice and snow furniture rabbit paper. In winter, snowballs will be randomly spawned on the ground. Players can use these snowballs, and then make these snowballs slowly grow larger, and finally pile into snowmen, which is a high evaluation The snowman can be rewarded with ice and snow furniture drawings.

In the game, these two methods will not be repeated, so you can use these two methods to obtain drawings at the same time. In this way, the probability of obtaining drawings is a little higher. Let's try it out, friends. For more Animal Crossing content, stay tuned to ACBellsBuy, we will provide you with the best information and transaction services.