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​How did you get the bamboo furniture in Animal Crossing?


Many players should have noticed that in Animal Crossing, the bamboo furniture is more attractive because there is no bamboo in your existing island, so many players will be very puzzled, how can I get bamboo?


There is only one way to obtain bamboo, which is to use travel vouchers to go to the material island, and there is a certain probability of coming to the bamboo island. There are three types of bamboo on the island, namely spring bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, and bamboo materials, among which bamboo shoots and bamboo materials have always existed. The spring bamboo shoots are limited, and they will appear from February 25 to May 31, after which they will no longer appear.

bamboo 1

Players can obtain bamboo materials from bamboo material islands by cutting bamboo, or directly transplant bamboo to their islands, and you can obtain bamboo materials on your island. Remember to eat fruits to increase physical strength when digging bamboo.

The above is how to get bamboo.