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How Able Sisters Store operates in Animal Crossing New Horizons


One of the purposes of the Animal Crossing New Horizons game is to bring relaxation and leisure to the player. Among them, ABLE SISTERS SHOP is one of my favorite places. No matter what age group I belong to, I believe that pleasant shopping will always make people very relaxing. To obtain a pleasant shopping experience, players need to know all the information of ABLE SISTERS SHOP in advance.

Preliminary work to bring the clothing store to the island

To bring the clothing store to the player's island, the player first needs to upgrade the tent to a house. Then bring 5 small animals to Tom Nuuk. Then build a museum and repair cracks in the corners. Then buy some clothes from Mabel. Finally, choose the location of the Able Sisters store.

Preparations for bringing the Able Sisters clothing store to the player's island are necessary. After completing the above preparations, you can go to the clothing store normally.


Novice players will receive a friendly reception when they enter the clothing store for the first time. Two tailors who look like hedgehogs will provide players with clothing purchase services. In ABLE SISTERS SHOP, players can choose to buy all the clothes on the shelves, or communicate with the Internet display cabinet, or use the locker room.

Wear off the shelf clothing

In the ABLE SISTERS SHOP, players can choose to buy any piece of clothing or decoration they like. In the shop, the industrious sisters of tailors regularly change the display items. Therefore, there will be new works on display in a few days. The displayed clothing includes casual suits, cute single-product tops, and expensive crown accessories. In addition, one of the walls will also display the excellent works of other island players. Choose the clothes you need to buy. You can wear them immediately.

Internet showcase

After the game is upgraded to 2.0, the My Design showcase becomes a pink operation page. To use this device, you must first connect to the Internet. Without the Internet, this function cannot be turned on normally. After the device chooses to connect to the Internet, players can see other players' designs. After the device automatically recognizes that it is connected to the Internet, follow the prompts to enter the designer ID, and finally click OK.

locker room

The dressing room has bright red curtains on both sides. After entering the locker room, players will find a lot of clothes to buy. Players can view all costumes by pressing the L and R buttons. The clothing category is complete, including tops, bottoms, suits, headwear, accessories, socks, and shoes.

Only one package can be selected in each apparel category. One of my favorite combinations is the two-piece T-shirt, sports shorts, denim hat, and high-top canvas shoes. This set cost me 2850 bells in total. After choosing to buy, new clothes will be worn on the body. Old clothes will be placed in the player's backpack.