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​Guild: The best way to plant more Animal Crossing Trees


With Christmas approaching, players' demand for trees for decoration has increased. We all want to have many different tree types on our island because these trees can all be inherited from previous games.

For planting trees on the island, of course, it is not only greening the island and improving the aesthetics, but more importantly, trees are essential for improving your island score, and different trees will provide different fruits, sometimes there will be bells or even random Furnishing provided. Tree stumps are also necessary for catching specific bugs. You can even just plant money trees.


Tree planting skills

There are no other planting techniques for trees except that they need a certain amount of space. As long as you leave open space where you have planted a few, the trees will grow. Flowers and furniture placed outside can be in adjacent areas, but not in other trees, buildings, cliffs or water.

If you plant saplings, you can transplant them. In New Horizons, just put the dugout saplings in your pocket. Unlike saplings, you cannot dig out a fully grown tree with a shovel.

If you eat fruit before trying to dig the tree, you will gain strength and you can put the whole tree in your pocket. Every tree you want to move must eat fruit. This is very useful for trees that do not need to be completely replanted. You can use this method to move all trees and even bamboo.

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Ways to get more trees

It is a bit difficult to get other fruits in New Horizons. But it is not without methods. You can visit other players' islands online to harvest some fruits, or You can also use the Nook Miles Tickets to randomly board the island to try your luck.

According to our tests, it is rare to see that these islands are not carrying your local fruit, but we have seen the same non-local fruit many times. If you are interested in any type of tree, you can also buy it directly from ACBellsBuy. A large amount of vegetation in Animal Crossing is collected here. You can directly buy what you like. The delivery is fast and it supports 24/7 online service.