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Guide: How to collect Winter Update 1.6 DIY Recipes


With the update of Animal Crossing in winter, DIY recipes in the Christmas season have gradually become popular. Starting in December, players in the northern hemisphere have officially entered the winter, and almost all players around the world are looking forward to Christmas.

The updated Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of festive atmosphere, players can now collect the holiday decoration DIY recipes needed for Christmas. Below are all the holiday decoration DIY recipes in New Horizons. Here are all the recipes in this update:

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After logging in to the game every day, players shake as many trees as possible to find holiday decorations scattered around. Players can use them to make all kinds of furniture. Once the event is over, players will not be able to collect or make these items before next year.

In order to obtain these recipes, players need to find them by shooting down balloons floating on the island or in bottles that are washed on the shore. Players can find some of these recipes every day.

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