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​Guide for special material in Animal Crossing


There are many mystical islands in Animal Crossing. We can go there to get materials by Nook Miles tickets exchanged by Nook Miles. Among these islands, some are specially constructed. If you meet them, don't miss them. The followings are an introduction to several special mystical islands.

Shark Island

We can know from its name that all fish on this island are sharks, but it appears only during the shark-infested season. We can catch all sharks except whale sharks on the island, which can be used to unlock shark Pokedex or make bells.

The construction of shark island is relatively simple. There is a four-layer boat-shaped ladder in the center of the island, surrounded by lake water but no fish within, which is of great peculiarity. The outstanding one is a four-layer rock in the center of the island, which is sheep-shaped and easy to recognize. Therefore keep an eye on the shark shadow as you encounter such construction.

Scorpion Island

The construction of Scorpion island is a symmetrical square, which is kind of interesting. It also appears only in scorpion-infested seasons. There is a large flower field in the center of the island, embraced with a circle of symmetrical rocks, in which venomous scorpions creep everywhere.

Four two-layer triangular symmetrical structures are distributed at the four corners of Scorpion Island. Climbing on them can observe the distribution of scorpions so as to capture them easily. If you find this island, be sure not to miss it!

Gold Island

Gold island also has a perfectly symmetrical structure. The small island stands in the center of the island to be a notable characteristic, which is enclosed by a wide river with no way to across, where there is a raised land covered by stone on the top. We can crash it by eating fruit, then jump to the heart of the small island to get bells.

Generally, there are 6 rocks on Gold island, 5 in the heart of the island. 8 bags of bells can be got in each rock. If you reach here, hit the rock relying on the digging method to hit the rock (check How to make bells fast in the early stage of the game chapter 2 for details) so as to obtain maximum profit.

Trash Island

Trash island is a common shape, inland river embedded in a ravine. Whether in the inland river or surrounding seas, what you catch are all kinds of trash such as cans and tires.

Not only that, there is nothing special within except turtles in the river. So the resources here are relatively poor. This island is not for common players owing to the fact that the profit you get is less than that in the common island, But for those who need a large amount of trash for decorations.

What we've talked about above is the guide for special mystical islands in Animal Crossing. Actually, It is necessary to fish more on whatever island you meet because the material islands are small in size and refresh quickly, making it easy to catch valuable fish. For some casual players, you can choose to buy ACNH Items at ACBellsBuy to get the resources you want quickly.