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Final Events May 2022 | Double Gloucester cheese - ACNH


Double Gloucester cheese is the last event of May in Animal Crossing New Horizons Animal Crossing Items.

Entering May, there are two major events, May Day and International Museum Day. May Items has Children's Day, Mother's Day, and Cheese Rolling. Now it's time to make Cheese Rolling. Today focuses on how to make Double Gloucester cheese. While Double Gloucester Cheese is the Misc in Animal Crossing New Horizons. But in Acbellsbuy, Double Gloucester cheese is classified under Animal Crossing Items. Besides Double Gloucester cheese, there are more than 9000+ other items in ACNH Items. The items in New Horizons need to be unlocked gradually by players completing tasks, and the island will also be gradually upgraded to 5 stars.

Double Gloucester cheese in Animal crossing items

How to Get Double Gloucester Cheese?

Cheese Rolling in May is from May 22nd to May 31st. Double Gloucester Cheese was introduced in the 1.10.0 Free Update. It can be placed on the floor or on the surface of tables and other similar furniture items that have an item surface. If your room has a kitchen, it can decorate the room ambiance very well. There are two ways to get Double Gloucester Cheese.

Buy at Nook Shopping: Nook Shopping specializes in seasonal stores. Celebrate the cheese rolling with Double Gloucester Cheese for 1,200 Bells from Nook Shopping from May 22 to May 31.

Trade with Friends Online: If you have more friends on Switch, you can trade with friends to get it. Maybe the transaction price will be lower than the purchase price of Nook Shopping.

Most of the items in Animal Crossing New Horizons are customizable with DIY recipes. But Double Gloucester Cheese cannot be customized by DIY. If you want to customize, only through Customize through Reese & Cyrus. Double Gloucester Cheese comes in two color variations: Yellow and Colorful. Among the 400+ Animal Crossing villagers, Chadder is the most cheese-loving animal villager. He is a dark yellow rat with orange spots of varying sizes on his face and ears. Combined with the spots on his body, he looks like a piece of Swiss cheese from a distance. That's probably why he's most likely to have cheese.

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