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​Do you find that Animal Crossing villagers are unfriendly or even cunning?


Although the homophonic style of New Horizons is pleasing, there are still some characters who seem to be involved in illegal activities. It is also very interesting to analyze the behavior and character of each villager. There are more than 400 characters in ACNH (including NPCs), and only eight personalities are divided among hundreds of potential neighbors. So how did you discover those annoying villagers?

Some animal villagers may rob you without being discovered by you, because they are carried out within the rules of the game, just like Tom Nook keeps asking you for Animal Crossing Bells. The villager to be mentioned today is also Jolly Redd, whom everyone is very familiar with.

Jolly Redd 1

Animal Crossing Characters Who Will Rob the Player-Jolly Redd

Jolly Redd is a very cunning fox. It is a counterfeit operator and even warns of "suspicious" when Isabelle enters the player's island. Since many Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans can confirm that Redd is indeed selling fake artworks, this cunning NPC and his shady plans make him an unpopular villager character.

Jolly Redd 2

Selling fake art is also part of the game, and it doesn't matter if you don't consider collecting players to buy fake art. Moreover, ACBellsBuy provides players with art, both real art and fake art are sold. It is a very efficient thing that you can spend very little money to buy art.

Can you find from the details which characters are more cunning? You can find more fun by discussing it in our Discord.