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Did you know Animal Crossing New Horizons' Tomato Festival Tee in August?


What is Tomato Festival, what are the ACNH Items that Tomato Festival can get? Read the guide to reveal the new Tomato Festival items.

Animal Crossing New Horizons August has many new ACNH Items, new events, new fish, new bugs, new sea creatures, new DIY recipes, and Special Items. Among the more famous August events: are Fireworks Show, and Flick's Bug-Off (Northern Hemipshere). August Special Items: Cowboy Festival, Cowherd & Weaver Girl Day, Obon. August DIY Recipes: Snowflake Season (Southern Hemipshere), Young Spring Bamboo Season (Southern Hemipshere), Summer Shell Season (Northern Hemisphere). These events and special items can be participated in the corresponding activities to get rewards. Festive items can also be obtained by buying bells animal crossing during the event. To avoid waste, many players will choose Animal Crossing New Horizons to buy bells. And about Tomato Festival, you may not know. It is a special holiday hidden in August.

Tomato Festival Tee image

— Tomato Festival Tee Event description (New Horizons)

"This festival, inspired by one that originated in Spain, has participants tossing squished tomatoes at one another for a splat-filled hour between 11 AM and noon. Better put on a Tomato Festival tee quick!"

The ACNH 2.0 update brings huge changes, with up to 9000+ items in New Horizons. And Tomato Festival Tee is the top item introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 free update. animal crossing buy bells is the best way to buy top clothing. The top item is very interesting, and it does not distinguish between male and female players. Nintendo is very serious about the design of New Horizons costumes. New Horizons clothing category includes Tops, Bottoms, Dress-up, Accessories and headwear, Socks and shoes, Bags, Tote bags, Umbrellas, Wet suits, and other miscellaneous items. Female players are used to ACNH buying bells to buy Dress-up. Most items can be purchased through Bells Animal Crossing. Tomato Festival Tee belongs to Top item. The difference between Tee and other clothing is the length of the clothing. The Tee is medium in length, generally midway between the neck and waist. Other tops are generally at the knee length and are more suitable for female players.

The Tomato Festival image

The Tomato Festival is scheduled to run from August 20th to August 31st. During this period, without participating in island activities, you can purchase Tomato Festival Tee directly from Nook Shopping, select seasonal items, and purchase 1,000 Animal Crossing Bells. The role of ACNH buying bells runs throughout the game. Tomato Festival Tee is different from other seasonal items because no villagers or drift bottles will silently prepare this item. Buying Tomato Festival Tee directly requires 1,000 AC Bells, but at the Sell price, you can only get 250 ACNH bells. Tomato Festival Tee is perfect for Outdoorsy/Party/Sporty/Theatrical/Vacation scenarios. The color of the Tomato Festival Tee is only red and there are no other colors to choose from.

To go with the Tomato Festival Tee, you can also buy other outfits from the island store to match. For more clothing lists, I recommend the island store, Able Sisters. Similar to the bells for sale animal crossing store, Able Sisters sells a variety of clothing and accessories. Of course, in addition to Able Sisters, you can also get rare outfits or other clues from Gracie, Kicks, Town store, Dump and Recycle Box, Balloons, and Villagers, among others. Instead of using game clothing, you can also design your own clothing styles and patterns. Head over to the Able Sisters room and design it yourself through the NookPhone app. At the Able Sisters store, Mabel and Sable each perform their duties. With their help, you will find the most suitable clothing. During the Tomato Festival, buy the Tomato Festival Tee by buying bells animal crossing from Acbellsbuy.com. Participate in website activities and you can also get Free Bells Animal Crossing, come and participate!