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Classic games restart new series


Known as one of the three giants of the Japanese video game industry, Nintendo, founded in 1889, is like Disney in the game world. It has created "Pokémon, Mario, Zelda, and other classic game series are still warmly sought after by a large number of people in the group. As one of the classic game series, Nintendo launched the game "Body Fitness Adventure" endorsed by the Japanese national goddess Aigaki Yui in 2019, which brought a revolutionary level of somatosensory game experience to the industry. After 8 years of classic IP restart work, Nintendo launched a new series of "collection!" in 2020. Animal Crossing once again proved the power of "Nintendo Magic". Three days after its launch, the game sold a total of 1.88 million sets in Japan. Within two months, it reached the original Nintendo's estimated lifetime sales of the game, which greatly exceeded the official expectations.Especially the website ACBellsBuy that came into being.


Although it is an indisputable farming game in itself, the new generation of "Mosen" has set off an upsurge on the island all over the world. Both old fans and new players are intoxicated, even many big stars. Can't help but get into the pit, so many players have become mutual fans in the game by virtue of rutabaga and their favorite stars, which shows the charm contained in the Nintendo game. It is well known that the time in Dongen is synchronized with the real-world time, and the reason why it can do this is that the game can read the system time and modify the game content according to different times. Therefore, under such circumstances, players can manually modify the machine time to obtain a certain degree of "convenience". For example, a house that needs to be built the next day can be obtained only by changing the time. When there is a lack of limited resources for a certain season, it is only necessary to adjust the time to the corresponding season, and if the player wishes, it will be no problem to complete the development path that the ordinary player can complete in one year in one month.

Some people on the Internet call this moving forest game "time traveler". As the name implies, this is a game skill that obtains resources and props in advance by modifying the time. For example, when the moving forest just launched a few days ago, some players played online It’s like the modern small city you built in the game. This is the time traveler technique because unless you are an old insider who can get the game in advance, it is absolutely impossible to progress in a short time. Fast.recommend to buy bells.