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Can You Get a 5-Star Island Without ACNH Bells?


The newest work in the Animal Crossing series, New Horizons, places the player on a deserted island at the beginning of the game. Start from the desert island. The task of the players is to resurrect the city and turn the deserted island into a beautiful city where people come and go. Not only can live but also travel. The beautiful appearance of the island also needs to be visually attractive. Let more players choose to live here. To make their island the most beautiful island, players will choose Buy Animal Crossing Items from ACBellsBuy store in advance. This is an investment. Achieving a 5-star island is usually a daunting task, especially when considering the total cost of an island upgrade.

In the main content of the series, New Horizons introduces DIY production. Allow players to make their furniture. Everything from benches to fountains can be placed around the city, and trees can also be planted. Trails and fences can be added to make the area feel more suburban. While creating their islands, players can also refer to neighboring island construction. This is all allowed. These virtual buildings are created based on real-life objects. The islands in New Horizons include some buildings designed to introduce game mechanics into the game, including postal services and clothing customization.

If Animal Crossing players want to expand their possessions, they should be prepared to earn some considerable rewards. The final house upgrade added a basement, costing nearly 2.5 million bells on its own. However, this is not the only upgrade in the player's pocket. The cost of bridges and slopes is high, but the specific price depends on the visual style of each feature. Players will choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells based on their aesthetics. For example, the log bridge is under 100,000 minutes. Using Bells will also pay for some building improvements.

However, others can usually get it without spending a lot of bells. Blather's tent usually becomes a complete museum building after players donate 15 different fish or bugs to Blathers. However, it is worth noting that the player must use Bells to obtain a painting from Redd to introduce the excavation in the art wing of the museum. The Resident Services Building requires Nook Miles and the completion of more expensive construction projects so that you can upgrade. Although the game provides a balance of many objectives to improve the city, it is impossible to completely upgrade everything without spending Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.