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Can I buy Nook Miles with ACNH Bells at Acbellsbuy?


Every item from Animal Crossing New Horizons has its purpose. Among them, Nook Miles Tickets and Nook Miles are easy to confuse.

Nook Miles Tickets to Mystery tours

Mystery tour from Wiki

When players feel bored on their island, they can go to other islands for adventure. If you don't have a destination, you can choose Mystery tours. Mystery tours allow players to randomly visit unknown islands. Mystery tours allow you to bring items from the opponent's island back to your island, so please leave any excess items in your backpack on your island before starting the tour. Generally, there will be stones, fruit trees, and green plants on random islands. Buy Animal Crossing Bells are part of your island life. If you need it, you can press Y, and the item will be automatically collected into your backpack.

The same island cannot be visited multiple times. When you drop loot on the ground of a random island because you collect too much material, these things will be reported as you return. Because you can't go back to an island with the same layout and the same theme again. Mystery tours have 18 islands with unique layouts. Since the mysterious tourist islands are not named, they have been given speculative names. For example, Bamboo Island, which is all hardwood or cedar on the island, and Money Rock Island, which has bells in the center of the island. When you stand on an island, you can easily guess the name of the island based on the terrain.

Redeem Nook Miles for Nook Miles Tickets

Daily Miles

Using Nook Stop is the easiest way to earn Nook Miles. Go to the Nook Stop to earn Nook Miles as a check-in bonus. You can earn 50 Nook Miles on the first day, 80 Nook Miles on the second day, and 100 Nook Miles on the third day. Seven days is a cycle. You can earn up to 300 Nook Miles.

Open Nook Stop and select the Nook Mile Redemption service. You will see that 2000 Nook Miles can be exchanged for one Nook Miles ticket. After confirming the information, select Redeem. Nook Miles can be redeemed for other items in addition to Nook Miles Tickets.

Nook Miles Unlocked

Nook Mile Redemption

500 Nook Miles: Redeem Bell voucher.

1800 Nook Miles: This allows players to customize the NookPhone's casing. Or allow players to wear custom designs as clothing.

2000 Nook Miles: Redeem Nook Miles Tickets or access food and drink DIY recipes.

2400 Nook Miles: Gives players access to 4 new skin tones that players can use on the mirror or dresser.

3000 Nook Miles: Good quality DIY Recipes, including Stone Axe, Axe, Shovel, Fishing Rod, Net, and Watering Can.

3000 Nook Miles: Allows players to add, remove and change cliff settings on their island.

5000 Nook Miles: Increases inventory slots by 10 for a total of 30.

8000 Nook Miles: Increases inventory slots by 10 for a total of 40.

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