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Can Animal Crossing Animal Villager Mitzi be stung by wasps? - Acbells buy For medicine


ACNH players can be stung by wasps if they are not careful. As the most important part of the island, will animal villagers also be stung by wasps?

Animal Crossing New Horizons absorbed various versions of animal villagers and finally integrated 413 animal villagers. Mitzi is a normal cat villager in the Animal Crossing series and one of 413 animal villagers. Her birthday is September 25, Libra. She is lavender all over, like a macaron cake. Mitzi has a normal personality and is often friendly to players. As an ordinary villager, Mitzi usually gets up at 6:00 in the morning and makes friends more easily than most. Her name "Mitzi" is odd, perhaps referring to her paws. The name Mitzi is also the common name for cats in Hebrew.

Animal Crossing wasp iamge

The wasp is a "harmful" bug introduced in Animal Crossing. wasp is also a relatively valuable Acbells. Continue to accumulate bells ACNH, which is beneficial to your island exploration experience. If you don't provoke wasps, wasps won't hurt you. Wasps' nests are hidden in trees, once their nest is shaken or a tree is cut with an Axe, the Wasp's nest will drop and the wasps will appear and run after the player. If you have plans to capture wasp, you need to buy Bells in advance of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Exchange AC Bells for Catch Nets. Provocative wasps will appear in swarms, and if you catch one, the rest of the swarm will dissipate. Wasp nests do not spawn indefinitely, only five wasp nests will spawn per day. In New Horizons, a wasp nest is sold for 300 Animal Crossing Bells.

Now a player has experimented. Test whether island NPCs will be stung by wasps. In one video, players shake trees near Mitzi until the shaking trees spawn a swarm of angry wasps. By the way, trees also drop wood. Collect wood and exchange money for bells animal crossing. Now that both the player and Mitzi are within sight of the Hornets, the player also tries to run around Mitzi. At first, Mitzi looked horrified, as if taken aback. Unsurprisingly, the wasp colony will only follow the player. The wasp can't change the target when the player tries multiple times. Now the situation is that an unfortunate player ends up facing a swarm of angry wasps. While flying insects do not cause any permanent damage to the player, they can be annoying if attacked by surprise. Once stung by a wasp, the player's face will quickly become covered with poisonous pimples, and you need to take medicine in time. Medicine can be found on the Nook's Cranny shelf.

Mitzi without a wasp sting

After making sure the wasp won't sting Mitzi, the player decides to fight back and pulls out the catch net, ready to catch the wasp. There are different kinds of New Horizons Capture Nets: Golden Net, Star Net, Outdoorsy Net, Colorful Net, and Normal Net. I recommend Golden net. It costs ACNH Bells to purchase any kind of catch net. Buying bells animal crossing for a catch net is an equivalent exchange. When the time is right, tap A to swing the net towards the wasp until the wasp is successfully captured. After successfully catching the wasp, you will find that Mitzi is relieved to see the player being stung. This is a very unfriendly performance, especially after the player is injured, and Mitzi will not give the player anything, further increasing the insult to the player.

Although New Horizons games can invite up to 10 villagers to live on the island. But the only villager who can think is the player. The other 10 animal villagers are all NPC characters on the island. You can only have simple communication and dialogue with them. You can't decide the content of the conversation, and their replies are fixed. It also means that you cannot fall in love with any of them. But on special holidays, you can get rare ACNH Items or other important clues from these villagers. To maintain your bond with the villagers, you can also get Free Bells Animal Crossing from the professional ACNH Shop. Acbellsbuy offers bells for sale Animal crossing. Buy Bells Animal Crossing Buy suitable gifts for villagers at the ACNH Store.