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​Campsite Guide and Let New Villagers Live in | - Animal Crossing New Horizons (Switch)


Follow the guide to learn how to build a Campsite on an island and invite more villagers to live there. continue reading.

About Campsite

New Horizons Campsite is a temporary place to meet new villagers and even invite them to live on your island. Campsites provide accommodation for tourist villagers, and players can interact with the villagers. There can only be one campsite on an island. After you choose a new site for your campground, it will be built the next day and your current campsite will be removed. The relocation of island buildings requires the payment of labor costs Animal Crossing Bells. Whenever you're exploring the island, you'll need cheap ACNH Bells. When you're pressed for time and can't complete the task of collecting materials, you can buy Animal Crossing Bells for Animal Crossing Island villagers. Then speak to Nook at Resident Services and he will deduct your AC Bells fee. Campgrounds aren't new to the game, they're a throwback to history. Once it's built, you'll have the chance to meet the villagers who visit the island. Campers will not be open all the time. Campgrounds are open every 4 days (or longer). This means that villagers will visit your campsite approximately 4 times a month.

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How to unlock campsites

To unlock the campsite, you need to upgrade the Resident Services Tent into a building, also known as the Town Hall. The town hall will look more high-end and stylish. During the Residential Services Center upgrade process, you will need to:

1. Pay off your getaway package debt and upgrade your tent to a house.

2. Provide the materials required by the Nooklings to build Nook's Cranny.

3. Build a bridge.

4. Craft the required items for three homes and have three new villagers move in.

5. Wait one business day for the Resident Services Center to upgrade.

6. After upgrading, enter the Resident Services Building, talk to Tom Nook and select "What should I do?"

7. Receive recipes for camp building kits and craft them at workbenches.

8. Collect crafting materials: 15x Iron Nuggets, 15x Wood, 15x Softwood, and 15x Hardwood.

9. After the materials are ready, choose a location on the island to build it.

10. After selecting a camping site, return to the Resident Services Building. Talk to Nook and the campsite will be built and ready to welcome visitors the next day.

About Campsite Villagers

The day after the campsite is built, animal villager Isabelle will announce a visit from campers. The first campers are usually smug villagers. After talking to them, they will ask about the player moving in. The first camper will move into your island. They won't leave until they move to the island. For villagers to successfully move into the island, players need to prepare sufficient ACNH Items. You need to prepare items such as furniture for the player. Find cheap ACNH Items for villager homes.

Subsequent campers mainly depend on whether the player is genuinely invited. Inviting villagers with Amiibo cards is easier than inviting villagers to campsites. Just interact with the Nook Stop terminal to unlock the new service, scan your Animal Crossing Amiibo card and invite Animal Villagers to your island.

Besides talking to the campsite villagers, and scanning the Animal Crossing Amiibo card way, I also recommend visiting the Mystery Tour with Nook Miles Tickets, Adopting another player's moving villager, and buying the 2.0 new villager way from ACbellsbuy. Animal Crossing New Horizons has undergone the 2.0 version update, and the number of animal villagers has reached 413+. You can invite or buy your favorite island villagers Shino, ACNH Sasha, Cephalobot, and more.

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How to Make Your Favorite Villagers Happy

Getting villagers on your island to start will do you more good than bad. Because you can get event DIY shards, rare DIY recipes, important clues, precious clothing, and more from villagers on your island. To get them started, you can try:

talk to them every day

write to them

complete tasks for them

Remember the villagers' birthdays

give them a gift they like

No matter which method you use to invite animal villagers, you can only have up to 10 villagers living on your island at a time, and only one villager can be asked to move to your island per day. Nook Miles Tickets require Nook Miles redemption. When Nook Miles are insufficient, you can buy Nook Miles Tickets. There is no limit to the number of visits to Mystery Islands with ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, and each visit will not be the same. This means you can not only bring back rare materials from other islands but also invite animal villagers. ACNH Items for sale at Acbellsbuy contains a list of items not displayed by the ACNH Shop.