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Buy Animal Crossing Bells and KK Slider Welcome June 2022 Official Soundtrack | Animal Crossing New Horizons


Nintendo will release the second official soundtrack for Animal Crossing New Horizons in June 2022. The Official Soundtrack contains new songs from the ACNH 2.0 upgrade.

Animal Crossing Items got a massive free upgrade in November 2021. ACNH Items for New Horizons players can choose up to 9000+ items. For players, the ACNH 2.0 update not only brings new 2.0 Items (including Plain party-lights arch, Bistro table, Gaming desk, ABD's 3473 new items), 2.0 Villagers (including Shino, Sasha, Ace, Rio 16 Animal Villagers), DIY Recipes (Bunny Day DIY Recipes, Turkey Day Items DIY Recipes, Cherry-Blossom DIY Recipes, Whole Set Recipes DIY Recipes, ), etc. New update items, some of which can be obtained from Nook's Cranny or ABLE Sister through Buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells. ACNH Bells is proof of your wealth. The New Horizons 2.0 update also brings 12 new songs featuring KK Slider.

official soundtrack for Animal Crossing New Horizons

As of the upcoming Official Soundtrack released in June 2022. This isn't Animal Crossing New Horizons' first soundtrack. Nintendo released the Animal Crossing Totakeke Musical Instrumental Collection in Japan last year. Priced at $37.99. The Soundtrack also contains different songs that sound good.

To successfully invite KK Slider to your island, you need to do certain preparations. Among them, you need to use Animal Crossing Bells to pay your debts, exchange with Tom Nook and complete the Nook's Cranny upgrade, and use Nook Miles Tickets to invite 3 animal villagers. These jobs will not only successfully invite KK Slider to your island, but will also bring your island one step closer to 5 stars. Acbellsbuy is a legal and safe ACNH Shop. Try and you can get the most ACNH items.

June 2022 Official Soundtrack - Animal Crossing New Horizons

Officials have officially confirmed that the full Animal Crossing Original Soundtrack 2 will be released on June 22. Animal Crossing Original Soundtrack 2 contains 5 CDs (said to have over 140 songs), 1 DVD, and 12 postcards. Animal Crossing Original Soundtrack 2 is available for preorder for $61.99. The DVD contains workout videos about KK Slider. The location is at the door of the resident service, and you can participate in the aerobic exercise of the island villagers together. There is also a stamp card to record how often you do these exercises. 12 postcards are collectible, or you can choose to send them to your friends.

June 2022 Official Soundtrack - Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you have a purchase record from last year, you will find that the version you purchased is Japanese, and the tracklist of songs inside is also in Japanese. The packaging is beautiful and the packaging is cute is the highest rating given by players in the Animal Crossing community. Fortunately, the Japanese language does not hinder your enjoyment of this product. Songs are great for listening to in the car, on your phone, or on your computer. If you're a big Animal Crossing fan and a collector of Animal Crossing merchandise, this is a must-have for your collection. K.K. Slider songs also work for island music playback, as does Buy Animal Crossing Bells or Animal Crossing Items for Sale at the ACNH Store.

Animal Crossing Original Soundtrack 2 Song Information

Disc 1:

1. K.K. Cruisin' (Live ver.)

2. Lucky K.K. (Live ver.)

3. Mountain Song (Live ver.)

4. Aloha K.K. (Live ver.)

5. Hypno K.K. (Live ver.)

6. Surfin' K.K. (Live ver.)

7. K.K. Stroll (Live ver.)

8. Two Days Ago (Live ver.)

9. Only Me (Live ver.)

10. Pondering (Live ver.)

11. K.K. Birthday (Live ver.)

12. Bubblegum K.K. (Live ver.)

13. K.K. Safari (Live ver.)

14. K.K. Western (Live ver.)

15. K.K. Lament (Live ver.)

16. K.K. Rally (Live ver.)

17. K.K. Marathon (Live ver.)

18. K.K. Calypso (Live ver.)

19. K.K. Country (Live ver.)

20. K.K. Groove (Live ver.)

21. Agent K.K. (Live ver.)

22. Soulful K.K. (Live ver.)

23. K.K. Salsa (Live ver.)

24. K.K. Samba (Live ver.)

25. K.K. Chorale (Live ver.)

26. K.K. Jazz (Live ver.)

27. K.K. Chorinho (Live ver.)

Disc 2:

1. K.K. Jongara (Live ver.)

2. K.K. Swing (Live ver.)

3. K.K. Ska (Live ver.)

4. K.K. Slucky (Live ver.)

5. Mr. K.K. (Live ver.)

6. K.K. Soul (Live ver.)

7. K.K. Song (Live ver.)

8. King K.K. (Live ver.)

9. K.K. Dub (Live ver.)

10. K.K. Tango (Live ver.)

11. Imperial K.K. (Live ver.)

12. K.K. Dixie (Live ver.)

13. K.K. Disco (Live ver.)

14. K.K. Synth (Live ver.)

15. K.K. Étude (Live ver.)

16. K.K. Sonata (Live ver.)

17. K.K. Milonga (Live ver.)

18. Rockin' K.K. (Live ver.)

19. K.K. House (Live ver.)

20. K.K. Bashment (Live ver.)

21. K.K. Ballad (Live ver.)

22. Café K.K. (Live ver.)

23. K.K. Adventure (Live ver.)

24. K.K. Parade (Live ver.)

25. K.K. Rockabilly (Live ver.)

26. K.K. Funk (Live ver.)

Disc 3:

1. K.K. Fuga (Live ver.)

2. K.K. Fusion (Live ver.)

3. K.K. Flamenco (Live ver.)

4. K.K. Blues (Live ver.)

5. K.K. Break (Live ver.)

6. K.K. Khoomei (Live ver.)

7. K.K. Bossa (Live ver.)

8. K.K. Hop (Live ver.)

9. K.K. Polka (Live ver.)

10. K.K. Moody (Live ver.)

11. K.K. March (Live ver.)

12. K.K. Oasis (Live ver.)

13. K.K. Aria (Live ver.)

14. K.K. Mambo (Live ver.)

15. K.K. Folk (Live ver.)

16. K.K. Metal (Live ver.)

17. K.K. Lovers (Live ver.)

18. K.K. Love Song (Live ver.)

19. K.K. Lullaby (Live ver.)

20. K.K. Reggae (Live ver.)

21. K.K. Robot Synth (Live ver.)

22. K.K. Rock (Live ver.)

23. K.K. Bazaar (Live ver.)

24. K.K. Waltz (Live ver.)

25. K.K. Steppe (Live ver.)

26. K.K. Dirge (Live ver.)

27. Farewell (Live ver.)

28. Comrade K.K. (Live ver.)

29. K.K. Mariachi (Live ver.)

Disc 4:

1. I Love You (Live ver.)

2. Chillwave (Live ver.)

3. K.K. Technopop (Live ver.)

4. K.K. Island (Live ver.)

5. Animal City (Live ver.)

6. Drivin' (Live ver.)

7. K.K. D&B (Live ver.)

8. K.K. Casbah (Live ver.)

9. Neapolitan (Live ver.)

10. To the Edge (Live ver.)

11. Steep Hill (Live ver.)

12. K.K. Gumbo (Live ver.)

13. K.K. Faire (Live ver.)

14. Spring Blossoms (Live ver.)

15. Marine Song 2001 (Live ver.)

16. Stale Cupcakes (Live ver.)

17. K.K. Condor (Live ver.)

18. Wandering (Live ver.)

19. My Place (Live ver.)

20. Space K.K. (Live ver.)

21. Welcome Horizons (Live ver.)

22. Forest Life (Live ver.)

23. DJ K.K. (Live ver.)

24. Go K.K. Rider (Live ver.)

25. K.K. Ragtime (Live ver.)

26. Hazure01 (Live ver.)

27. Hazure02 (Live ver.)

28. Hazure03 (Live ver.)

Disc 5:

1. Cafe Pigeon Nest

2. Have a Coffee

3. Get Water

4. Gymnastics Radio

5. Kappei no Funauta Outbound 01

6. Kappei no Funauta Outbound 02

7. Kappei no Funauta Outbound 03

8. Kappei no Funauta Outbound 04

9. Kappei no Funauta Outbound 05

10. Kappei no Funauta Return 01

11. Kappei no Funauta Return 02

12. Kappei no Funauta Return 03

13. Kappei no Funauta Return 04

14. Kappei no Funauta Return 05

15. Harv's Island Noon

16. Harv's Island Evening

17. Katrina Fortune-telling

18. Cyrus Remake

19. K.K. Chorinho (Instrumental ver.)

20. K.K. Slucky (Instrumental ver.)

21. K.K. Dub (Instrumental ver.)

22. K.K. Bashment (Instrumental ver.)

23. K.K. Fuga (Instrumental ver.)

24. K.K. Break (Instrumental ver.)

25. K.K. Khoomei (Instrumental ver.)

26. K.K. Hop (Instrumental ver.)

27. K.K. Polka (Instrumental ver.)

28. K.K. Lovers (Instrumental ver.)

29. K.K. Robot Synth (Instrumental ver.)

30. Chillwave (Instrumental ver.)

Disc 6 (Special DVD)

1. Gymnastics Radio Spring ver.

2. Gymnastics Radio Summer ver.

3. Gymnastics Radio Autumn ver.

4. Gymnastics Radio Winter ver.

5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Original PV.