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​Build-A-Bear will collaborate with Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Build-A-Bear has previously released plush toys in the Super Mario and Pokémon series. After Build-A-Bear Workshop cooperates with Animal Crossing, fans will soon have the opportunity to buy stuffed toys about Animal Crossing.

Build-A-Bear plush toy

Build-A-Bear's special Animal Crossing option is not the first Nintendo game-themed collection it offers. Fans can build their own Bowser, dress up as a normal teddy bear with Mario, or capture Eevee or Pikachu themselves.

Animal crossing villagers

Build-A-Bear may insist on using NPCs instead of ordinary villagers like Tom Nook, Isabelle, Timmy, Tommy, or even Flick's bug hunters. There are 397 villagers in New Horizon, and Build-A-Bear may not try to cover too many of them. The company may include villagers exclusive to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, such as the cat villager Raymond, who is known for being one of the most eager villagers in the game. It is not clear which Animal Crossing character will be snapped up.

Animal crossing villagers 1

If Build-A-Bear announced the announcement of Animal Crossing New Horizons, when the Build-A-Bear Workshop special collection is launched, which village name would you choose? Who is the villager you desire most in your mind?