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Best way to get Christmas ornaments in Animal Crossing New Horizons


How to get Christmas ornaments in Animal Crossing has always been a hot topic in the gaming community. Today I will answer this question.

Once you log on to the island, you will find Isabelle and Tom Nook are also preparing for the holiday. The most obvious sign is the installation of a large Christmas tree outside the Resident Comprehensive Service Center! As for the rest of your island, players need to complete collection and production tasks to fill your island.

Christmas tree

Christmas items

The Christmas decorations of Animal Crossing will be displayed in both hemispheres from December 15th to January 6th. The first step in opening the Christmas theme is decorations. When the holiday is coming, the first thing you need to do is to find some decorations. Because the time for Christmas activities is limited, you need to make Christmas ornaments within a limited time. If you need more Christmas decoration items, you can also go to Nook Shopping to buy Special Goods. Choosing Buy Animal Crossing Items can make your island rarer. For example, I recently discovered a lovely decorative Garden gnome. It cost 1900 bells to get it.

decorative Garden gnome

Christmas ornaments come in three different colors: red ornaments, blue ornaments, and golden ornaments. At Christmas time, the cedar trees on the island will be surrounded by lights. Although not every tree will be equipped with lights, any decorated tree can be shaken to drop new decorative seasonal materials! So whenever you see a cedar tree decorated with fairy lights, shake the cedar tree and collect the ornaments that fell on the ground. The dropped accessories are of random color. So to collect all the color accessories, you need to shake the decorated cedar tree several times.

Nook's Cranny and Able Sisters shop

If you have extra decorations, you can sell them to Timmy & Tommy of Nook's Cranny for 50 Bells each. Once your island looks perfect, it's time to dress yourself up. This may mean that you can wear your favorite warm wool clothing. Or make a special trip to Able Sisters to buy exquisite holiday dresses. A Christmas dress and Christmas hat cost a total of 6,400 bells. To be more beautiful, I need more bells.

Christmas event

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